Let me take a minute
to think about
what we just did
and what it meant
you taught me about
and jealousy
and what it is I need
I haven’t been this sober
Since I was seventeen
a decade later,
look at what I’ve seen
When I say I miss you,
I mean it
But it’s time
I come clean
I miss you more
than any place
I have ever been
and I miss you more
then a fish
misses the sea
you might just be
The only friend
Ill ever never
And you might just be
my shinning light
But I’ve made it this far alone
I think I’ll be alright
you’ve always been the one to choose
when it works
and what’s best for you
if you come looking
and I’m not around
don’t be surprised-
you know where ill be found



Addicts and dramatics,
Fallen lives
and anti semantics
pianos along the boardwalk
Writing lies
and pillow talk
it’s a long way to the top
but it’s worth a shot
if you’re down
I’m there with you
if you’re around
Ill see you soon.
Pulled my self
out from the gutter
and moved above
what ails me.
fuckin fanatics
and ridiculous antics
I escaped
and i am here to tell .
No mountain
comes between
me and my dreams,
I cross oceans,
rivers and streams.
When it comes to conversation
I’m with in the lines.
an alien nation
defines these times.
stale confabulation
is a fear of mine
but I try
does it really matter
if there’s angels,
in the sky?
I see blue and white
and dragons that fight
lets find a shady spot
to rest our eyes
lets be the best
we’ve ever been
we can aim for the stars
that we’ve never seen
there’s no one like you
or the person I’ve become


I let myself in
To let myself down-
I let you win
I’m bored again
I thought I had plans
to become a man.
Hey girl,
I won this round
I assure you,
you want to know me
if for nothing more
Ill let you be,
better than before
I am prone to do
all the things I said,
I would never do.
I get you,
Like I got one before
Ill let you win
but you have to work for it.
Sometimes I forget
The world exists
Just me,
And eternal bliss
you’re a good kid
Yeah, you’re alright.
I don’t blame you
for leaving tonight
You left me ammo
to fire at will,
and I will-
I look forward,
to seeing you again
don’t mind me
I trip on my own,
two feet
between you and me
all I see
is black and white.
Been from the Tasman Sea
To Grand Prairie,
shanghai to London’s east side,
just looking for a friend
here you are
in my home town
it’s just the beginning
I hope it doesn’t end
lets bring a little colour
Into this life
if today’s not the day
then tomorrow is alright


I could wrap my self
around your finger-
for luck
and for love.
allow me to ask some questions
so i can prepare myself,
the human encounter
changes like tides
Strapped myself in
I was born to ride
Caught up in
The hustle of life
there’s no rush
once souls collide
exclusively yours
today and tonight
Forevermore if it feels right
The laws of attraction
say we fit
I cast a twisted line
and you bit
I will let you catch me,
in your tangled web
So I can show you
chivalry isn’t dead
you could ground me
just lay around me
In your unmade bed
I caught a glimpse of your dreams
and the life you’ve seen
i can take you places,
you’ve never been
Upon this throne i sit
a king
waiting for my queen.


I find beauty
In ugly ways,
I find light
on the darkest days.
junkies in underpants
perched up under
burnt out street lamps
selling knock off goods
and counterfeit drugs-
a vegan diet
a carnivore riot
no one to pull the plug.
a meat market government
selling blood for gold-
clowns in suits pretending
they’re not.
I find amusing
the simple things
learned from a devil
with angel wings.
friends helping friends
to make mistakes
Potato sack princess,
baked and fried
runway model
nobodies bride
Lives to kill
not to coddle
if there is a time
it is now
the world to remind us
this is how


I said hello
So I could kiss you,
It’s been a pleasure
but I need some time.
If god exists
he is in
New York City
With an elitist list
of hipster ish
parading through
the lower east side-
I did it again
for i am tempted
to tempt fate
My only friend
my enemy.
if god exists
she is in
Every beauty magazine
selling sex and lies
and suicide
to underdressed
prepubescent teens.
I said I wouldn’t
Just because I can
I knew I shouldn’t
but this is the end


I fight demons
And all sorts of reason
I question my being
that’s humans believing
I don’t like you
You’re as cryptic as me
I don’t mind you
Hard as it may seem
I forgot where I was going
So I went home
It’s all grass
it’s all trees
and concrete at our feet
I fight feeding
To remain breathing
I question time
an a obsession of mine
I broke my own heart
so I could feel again
I built these walls
To save you