I found a new vice
As if I needed it
Took a look at my life
Realized I’m cheating it
Pawns in our game
I can read you like a picture book
Seen fortune and fame
And I still don’t give a fuck
If it weren’t for the days in the hills
Or the cove in the bay
I might have chose
a better role to play
I found a new friend
I went searching for it
Lost love
Praised with hymns
And I challenge myself
To challenge myself,
To challenge myself .



What’s your twisted faith
What do you believe
Do you see the way
there’s a twist in the tree
Inside that haunted house of yours
Do you feel safe
Inside that haunted head of yours
Do you hear
the ghosts speak
Your body language sells you out
I’m in love
with your zombie heart
In the space between
an electricity ties me to the floor


I appreciate your efforts
In making me smile
All new reflections
To burn these eyes
I found new direction
What’s left is right
To bad I’m an alien
It’s to bad
To bad I came and went
It’s to bad
I acknowledge your attempts
To turn me blind
A brand new manifest
I’ll take the signs
I found indiscretion
To prove me wrong
Oh ,to old friends
to old friends
This is how
It begins


In time the city will divide itself
A line, in which
We reside ourselves
In time we find ways to fix scenario
Bind and blind
To someones confines
Let down by light again,
It shines
like salt in snow
In time we climb the highest peaks
Or we don’t
Because we’re slow
I am mine and I play for me
Dance like rhyme
Fate under feat


Leave me broken
The world has spoken
The truth about you
Alone and afraid
Desperate and brave
Thought you found love
Thought you had it made
Left my heart swollen
my doors always open
I had a dream
yeah a boy can dream
piece it together
figure out what it means
maybe we work like pork and beans
Or you’ve disinfected me
like mr clean
I let you get the best of me
Oh the comfort when your next to me


Minutes and hours
Like slugs and snails
Love and flowers
Like hammers and nails
Watch me win
When I attempt to fail
No church or political power
Can bring me down but they turn me sour
Distance and time
Like stop and rewind
Nickel and dime
Like race and mankind
Watch me win
In this life redesigned
Dreams dont expire
Bombastic thoughts and unworldly ideals for hire
House and home
Like birds and bees
Soap and foam
Like the oppressed and the free
watch me win
Perpetual idiosyncrasies
Freedom shouldn’t wait
What happens if there is no pearl gate