I let myself in
To let myself down-
I let you win
I’m bored again
I thought I had plans
to become a man.
Hey girl,
I won this round
I assure you,
you want to know me
if for nothing more
Ill let you be,
better than before
I am prone to do
all the things I said,
I would never do.
I get you,
Like I got one before
Ill let you win
but you have to work for it.
Sometimes I forget
The world exists
Just me,
And eternal bliss
you’re a good kid
Yeah, you’re alright.
I don’t blame you
for leaving tonight
You left me ammo
to fire at will,
and I will-
I look forward,
to seeing you again
don’t mind me
I trip on my own,
two feet
between you and me
all I see
is black and white.
Been from the Tasman Sea
To Grand Prairie,
shanghai to London’s east side,
just looking for a friend
here you are
in my home town
it’s just the beginning
I hope it doesn’t end
lets bring a little colour
Into this life
if today’s not the day
then tomorrow is alright


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