Addicts and dramatics,
Fallen lives
and anti semantics
pianos along the boardwalk
Writing lies
and pillow talk
it’s a long way to the top
but it’s worth a shot
if you’re down
I’m there with you
if you’re around
Ill see you soon.
Pulled my self
out from the gutter
and moved above
what ails me.
fuckin fanatics
and ridiculous antics
I escaped
and i am here to tell .
No mountain
comes between
me and my dreams,
I cross oceans,
rivers and streams.
When it comes to conversation
I’m with in the lines.
an alien nation
defines these times.
stale confabulation
is a fear of mine
but I try
does it really matter
if there’s angels,
in the sky?
I see blue and white
and dragons that fight
lets find a shady spot
to rest our eyes
lets be the best
we’ve ever been
we can aim for the stars
that we’ve never seen
there’s no one like you
or the person I’ve become


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