I could wrap my self
around your finger-
for luck
and for love.
allow me to ask some questions
so i can prepare myself,
the human encounter
changes like tides
Strapped myself in
I was born to ride
Caught up in
The hustle of life
there’s no rush
once souls collide
exclusively yours
today and tonight
Forevermore if it feels right
The laws of attraction
say we fit
I cast a twisted line
and you bit
I will let you catch me,
in your tangled web
So I can show you
chivalry isn’t dead
you could ground me
just lay around me
In your unmade bed
I caught a glimpse of your dreams
and the life you’ve seen
i can take you places,
you’ve never been
Upon this throne i sit
a king
waiting for my queen.


A new vision

Hello friends,

I am beyond excited to share my new idea and vision with you all.
In a time of everything digital, new forms of art and communication have been introduced and old ways have been lost or forgotten.
I have recently taken on eBay as a means of shopping and find half the appeal to be that I expect something in the mail, it’s not just an email as we all get plenty everyday. So what i would like to do is capture visions, be it my own or something shared with you. I will be taking pictures with a disposable camera, I will then wrap that bad boy up and send it away in the mail to you.
Now, I’m sure questions have come about, how do I know they won’t be rude or explicit? Well, I am self conscious and that’s just gross.
How do I know you will take pictures and send me a camera? Because the art of it is i take the photos to the best of my ability, with no means of digital editing etc, and you get to get them developed and you can be the one and only person to ever see the photos or you can share them with the rest of the world. ( I will obviously be curious to see what happens).

While I am not looking to make money , I will be accepting donations of whatever you feel the art of it is worth. I do however have to ask for a minimum of $20usd if you are in North America and $25usd outside of north America and this is to cover shipping costs etc.
I will ship using Canada Post, if you prefer to have ups or FedEx with a tracking number and all, we can talk about the extra fees or I can do it COD ( if they do that).

If you are interested, you can make a donation to my PayPal account using twoshoesx@gmail.com
please included your shipping address and if you have a theme you would like me to capture, be it a colour, an object etc be sure to include that as well. If you trust me and want a camera full of images of my choice be sure to let me know.

Once I have received money and shipping details I will begin on your camera.

My photos can be seen and purchased at

Thank you for the continued support



I often forget,
To be excited.
About being myself.
Not that my plate was filthy,
But it’s clean now.
And I need to make it shine.
I get excited about what hasn’t been.
My life is all pre meditated and I like it.
I often forget.
We must crawl before we can walk.
And I’ve just been born.
I’m impatient
And unsettled.
I’m alone.
I’m afraid.
But it’s ok.
Because I’ve got myself.
And i am doing well.
I’m alive
And breathing
I can walk
And see,
It’s ok to be me today.

between tiny islands

Here I drift,
Between tiny islands.
A branch of the pacific
On my way home,
And here I am.
It’s funny to think
Not a month ago
I was in the south.
Deep down and swallowed
In the south.
A different world and a different mind
A different place and a different time.
As we gallop across the desert
I found my self surrounded by everything familiar.
The roads I now travel with ease once seemed so foreign and unseen.
Unlike the dirt roads and back streets I knew as a child yet I feel at home.
And there I was,
Not even a month ago,
Running from sand storms
And finding comfort in a rectangular box on wheels in which I shared with 4 others.
Now, here I am
Between tiny islands
A branch of the pacific
And a bird,
A bird white in colour
With who knows what intentions
(if birds even have intentions)
Riding every wave of the wind,
With ease and comfort
And below,
Guilt and glee
Passionate and free
Some angry,
We float
Across the sea.
Here I am,
Im drifting
Between tiny islands
The north pacific seas.
And there is a man in the corner
Huffing glue.
An elderly couple
Who love like it’s new.
Here I am,
Afloat, the ocean below.
Searching for something.
A culture shock
Or a home, made of mud and rock.
Foreign talk or a foreign walk
A foreign taste or a new forest lake.
I drift
Out of tiny islands
…and we dock…


give your threats
and glare your stare
i’m well aware
i am well aware
stray away, alleycat
and dont come back
your modern flare
aint so modern anymore
give your threats
and glare your stare
i’m well aware
i am well aware
cast away with the evil inside
you are no bride
you are not
go away
be gone
go away
be gone
from, my sight