*listen to* K’naan – myspace.com/knaanmusic
*listen to* Times Neue Roman – myspace.com/timesneueroman
*listen to* Redgy Blackout- redgyblackout.com
*listen to* Hannah Georgas- myspace.com/hannahgeorgas
*listen to* Crow Quill Night Owls -myspace.com/thecrowquillnightowls
*listen to* Familia – familiafamilia.com
*listen to* Hayley Sales- hayleysales.com
*listen to* Akron/Family- akronfamily.com
*listen to* TV Heart Attack- myspace.com/tvheartattack
*listen to* Mother Mother- myspace.com/mothermotherspace
*watch* Stranger Than Fiction
*listen to* Fun. myspace.com/fun
*listen to* Mumford and sons myspace.com/mumfordandsons
*watch* Weapons of Self Destruction the new Robin Williams stand up
*watch* The Astronaut Farmer
*listen to* The Post War-myspace.com/thepostwarmusic
*listen to* KO- myspace.com/officialkonation
*listen to* The Silver Seas http://www.thesilverseas.net /myspace.com/thesilverseas
*listen to* The Heyday- myspace.com/theheyday
*listen to* Why? – myspace.com/whyanticon
*listen to* Joe Purdy- myspace.com/joepurdy
*listen to* The Matinee- myspace.com/thematinee
*Listen to* JoAnna Rubio- http://www.myspace.com/joannarubio


4 thoughts on “…for.what.it’s.worth…

  1. *watch* sushine
    *watch* moon

    the movies, not the celestial thingies….

    btw, thanks for the “the matinee” suggestion… amazing…

  2. LOVING your blog even more when I saw the Mumford pitch! Sigh No More is ACE you are very nice, witty AND have killer musical taste 🙂

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