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I feel as though a brick wall has been built across my brain.
The harder i run into it, the harder I fall.
The higher i climb, the higher it gets.
Sitting with my back to it I’ve come to realize that I am exerting my energy in all the wrong ways.
I must put a minimal amount of energy and an exuberant amount of effort into a small, weak spot versus tackling the wall as a whole.
I must chip away around the perimeter of a brick until the grout is broken enough to slide the brick out.
I will repeat this process as many times as necessary but when do I stop?
I suppose I could take out only enough to allow me to climb to the other side however if I get lost along the way I may never find my way back thru when I need or want to. At this point I am not sure if I can even be bothered by the thought of, let alone (potential) future actions.
I suppose it would be in my best interest to take my time removing every brick I can to cause this wall to collapse on itself.
This way my only worry ever is cleaning up the rubble which in the long run seems like the better idea.
Now to find a blunt object to begin chiseling.


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