Speak to me from the after life
Tell me what it’s like
So far away and way up high
What’s beyond the light?
Brave, in every sense of the word
Will, beyond your fight
Promise me just one thing
To keep me in sight.

From The darkness,
rains, brand new life
When colours fade to black and white
Leave me a sign so I know you’re alright

Speak to me with new eyes
tell me, what it’s like
You put yourself in so you don’t have to get out
It isn’t wrong if it feels right
Stronger than I may ever be
I’ll see you soon, goodnight
Rest assure my dear
we’ll see the sun light


3 thoughts on “neweyes

  1. I’m in mommy-to-be mode… So even though this seems like it might be about death, it also
    Reminds me of a lullaby:)

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