You hung me to dry
Ages ago
You keep me around
Just in case
If you only knew
What you’re doing to me
It might kill you
Like like it kills me
It kills me
It kills
You wrote me off again
Cause I’m not a ten
You’ve got nothing to loose
Just me and you
You pick me up
When your down
Take me out
And throw me around
You hang on
But hanging out
It seems so wrong
You say
I’m everything
You’ve ever looked for
So take me home
Your not alone
You left me dry
I’ve got proof
Pages ago.
Come out
play with me
Come play
With me


One thought on “whenitseemstoogoodtobetrueitmustbetoogoodtobetrue

  1. Ahem… The damn geese are STILL here- pooping all over the sidewalks…

    Also, Onterrible misses Dusty…

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