I’ve come to realize that everywhere is exactley the same.
at least from the outside.
it’s grass
and tree’s
it’s concrete
and police
it’s a mother in a hurry
towing children that scream

i am lucky in that i have seen a lot of the land i am from.
i am well traveled just not worldy (yet).

it is the inside of a city that fascinates me.
every city has its own problems.
issues with drugs and violence.
infrastructure problems.
never ending construction
in that, it still seems to be just another city but the mentality of the people is what differeniates its from the rest.
one of my favourite things to do is meet locals.
people who have been born and bred within the confins of the place i am standing.
when i was a kid i never believed that the world could be so different.
to me, people were people and we all just lived in different places.
as i have grown older (and hopefully wiser) i’ve learned that is inface a false statement.
but what makes it this way?
why are we all not the same?
why cant we share the same ideologies?
how does a certain region’s mentality differ from somewhere on the opposite side of the world.
i suppose it boils down to religion and politics.
in my travels so far that is the only thing that makes sense.
but every city has numerous religious followings.
and a governing political party.
there will always be someone who doesnt agree.
there will always be legions who dont agree.
radicals are everywhere
and oxygen is the only thing for free.
so where are we different?
why is it that people on the west coast of Canada are different then those in Eastern Canada?
in west Texas, i feel i am being judged for the way i look where as in Los Angeles i feel no different then the guy at the table next to me.
however if i was to be at a cafe in Wisconsin the person next to me would stare at my tattoos and eventually strike some form of conversation.
or what about the kid at the gas station (somewhere in the middle of nowhere) in Eastern Georgia who instantly knows i am not from his part of the world.
surely that can’t be just because i am filling up an rv on the side of a major highway.
maybe it is tho.
perhaps that is his shtick.
and if it is, i imagine his comedic timing is bang on 97% of the time.
none of that tells me why someone in Seattle is more likely to stop and give me directions verses someone in New York City.

maybe it’s just me.
maybe i need to see more of the world.


4 thoughts on “fromhereiseenothing

  1. That’s about the sum of the statement, and you got it right…we acknowledge, accept and assist here in the Emerald City!

  2. But imagine a world where everyone was the same, where everyone had the same beliefs, the same ideals, the same clothes. Yes there would be less fighting, less war, but what would we talk about? We would always agree?

    Would you be completely shunned for daring to think differently?

    Could definitely do without the intolerance, but to be all the same? Maybe we would all be wondering why we cannot be different?

    People watching fascinates me, one day I hope to travel outside of Australia/New Zealand we are such a mix of cultures here, but even within Australia there are divides. Ah my brain is nicely stretched so many questions.

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