It is 1:45 am. We are some where west of Saskatoon Saskatchewan heading towards Calgary Alberta. I am sitting at the front of the bus staring into an empty feeling.
A giant shadow if you will.
I count every line in the center of the road before it disappears in our past,
For no reason.
No reason other then to count the lines in the center of the road.
There are more signs warning us of potential moose (that we may or may not hit and or see) on then road then there are other vehicles.
Every 6 to 8 minutes a not so pointed pyramid built of little orange lights comes barreling towards us at 120 km hours.
I will raise my eyes to watch it pass, inevitably loosing count of the lines in the center of the road, resulting in starting over again but this is easier then counting stars.
My soundtrack tonight is an album titled ‘ A Winter Tale’ (if you don’t know, investigate). I first got to hear some of said album last year and have been curious since. Given my current situation and setting this album is almost perfect. It’s as if it was written with the intentions of being listened to driving across America at the end of August (not Canada in the middle of the winter, but given the shadow I face right now, one would not know the difference until they stepped outside).
With the one you love.
The one you confide in.
Your best friend.
Its a musical journey of emotions placed perfectly in an order that tells me that Bobby Long knows (and maybe he does) exactly what he wants the listener to feel when he wants them to feel it.
it is pop
It is folk
it is raw
it is real
It is loud
It is big
It is inspiring
It is happy
It is sad
It is intelligent
and it almost makes a.m radio cool again.

(if it ever wasn’t that is)


2 thoughts on “…iwillholdoutmyhandsandtaketheblame…

  1. God dammit, I miss you! You perfectly depicted what I feel
    about this album as well… I love that each song is a story, but a
    story that you feel you’ve either lived before or that you are
    living with him as he sings it. Well done my friend, well done.
    Can’t wait til you’re back homiieeeeee. ❤

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