tour update in a nutshell

Back to our daily dose of Vitamin Diesel..
Regina Bound..
And we have a semi working bus again. I pray to someone else’s higher being we make it to Calgary. We had 3 break downs in 3 days.
Had to abandon the bus in Dryden Ontario (middle of fucking nowhere…seriously)
Rented a car.
Rented a uhaul moving truck
And made the Winnipeg show.
Got to see an old (not in age) friend while here.
I get to see my parents this weekend.
And there is a small rumor of a rumor in which I cannot talk about just yet but it is sweet.

The Envy are #1 on Much More Music’s top 20 countdown and the video has only been out for two weeks. Help support by calling your local Rock radio station and requesting “Don’t Let Go”l by The Envy.. Let’s bring these guys back to the US and all over the world.



One thought on “tour update in a nutshell

  1. dryen is in the middle of butt fuck nowhere…. I drove through it to get to uni a few times…

    I think maybe u should be driving a “not so mom van” instead of a car…jay ess.

    Ps u need to change from the back of the bus to “the effing bus sucks so we left the bus BACK in butt fuck nowhere”

    being mia is not ur style… So dooooood keep us posted. SUGS from onterrible

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