give me a Leonard Cohen after world so i can sigh eternally

Fuck meeeee. The last two days have been insane.
We have ran out of gas.
Broke down.
Blown the radiator hose (twice).
Sat in a cold bus in -27 Celsius and couldn’t start the bus.
Pulled up to the venue at doors
Tricked the promoter.
Played the show
I got ripped off on some amazing smoke (odd how that works).
I ate some amazing poutine (the real deal)
Fell in love with Montreal.
Got some amazing smoke.
In round about way got the adventure and chaos I was secretly hoping for.
My kickstarter project got approved (so keep posted for more info)

So all in all it has evened it self out, regardless it has been a test of the power of ones self.
Its like a video game.
Each level gets harder and the strong will make it thru, maybe not the first time but eventually you get there.
And you move on.
You fight the obstacles.
You find victory.
And you move on..
I look forward to what the rest of this tour brings..
And I don’t like Courtney Love’s vocals on in the chorus of Penny royal tea by Nirvana.
They are so annoying.
She is so annoying.
What the fuck was Kurt Cobain thinking in the first place.
Now look at him.
She got her way and won.

I won’t get started.

On to Ottawa for the last of 4 shows in a row and then we have two days off in Toronto.



One thought on “give me a Leonard Cohen after world so i can sigh eternally

  1. You mean off to Ottawa… Where you are going to meet the
    most amazing person you have ever met before. She is going to rock
    your socks off, and you are going to be jealous of her amazing skin
    and how golden brown it is! XJ

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