its some kind of wonderful

Why is it that thoughts of the past sometimes give the most overwhelming feelings?
Its almost as if I am re living the moment I was thinking of at the time.
But how can a simple thought of the past bring such a physical feeling?
A thought popped into my head, that thought was of a time I spent 5 days by myself in Lubbock Texas where I was given use of the band van and a hotel room.
I had just rushed from Phoenix with our sound guy at the time to Lubbock (where he called home and had a family) and the band I was with all flew home as hurricane Katrina had just started and we were to do some shows in that part of Texas, so they were cancelled now leaving us with the next 10 days off.
But as I walked up the stairs to our dressing room tonight I remembered a specific moment in time and all the feelings that I felt in that split second came rushing back and damn near knocked me backwards.
I was instantly sad and panicked with an intense amount if sorrow spanning from head to toe and I had to sit down.
Is it some kind of weird fore shadowing using my past ?
Is it even necessary?

Its seriously weird.


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