I’ll be the rainbow when the sun is gone

Los Angeles is cold.
I am warm.
By body is freezing and I am all bundled up.
I was asked a question last night.
That question was.
“What is the most important thing about you that I should know?”
I don’t think I have been asked a question as thought provoking as that in well… Ever maybe.
Its not like it was a job interview and I could give some bs answer.
After a few sips of tea and a bite of vegan cheese cake I came to an answer.
My answer was..
” I need to love and I need to care”
I don’t need to be in love and I am pretty careless (all things considered).
But I need to love what I am doing. Or what I am into.
I need to care about what I love.
And I do.
Being on tour and doing anything related to music is my love.
It is (for the most part) my life.
And I love it.
This time around, I don’t care to be home.
And as much as I love vancouver, I don’t really love the life I lead there ( at the age I am at anyways)
I love the world.
I love people.
And the last 3 weeks has been confirmation of that very statement.
No other job that I would want to do allows me to see New York, Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles all in a week or two time frame.
No other job that I care to do would give me the opportunity to love what I know.
To love who I know.
To love what I know.
I don’t mean to brag.
I would hardly consider it bragging.
I’m broke.
I’m essentially homeless.
With the exception of the RV we now call home.
And will do so for the next two weeks.
Showers are hard to come by now that we are not in hotels.
“Doing Laundry” consists of trips to Wal-Mart or Target to buy new socks and underwear.
And there is no joys in trying to piss in an empty water bottle, barreling down the interstate at 80 miles an hour.
But this love.
And love comes with a cost.
To be or not to be…
(as cliche as it is)
That is the question.
And I choose to be.
I have distractions (as we all do).
I have issues.
I have problems.
being un happy is not one of them.
(maybe it’s the medication)
I believe because I love…



9 thoughts on “I’ll be the rainbow when the sun is gone

  1. It is a blessing to be able to do what you love the most. There are always draw backs to any endeavor in life, but as you mentioned you often find that those draw backs aren’t as terrible when you are following your heart. I truly envy you. Never stop doing what you love and don’t ever let anyone convince you that there is anything more important that being happy. Go after your happiness, run it down if you have to, but whatever you do, don’t let go. Remember that happiness isn’t a destination, its a way of life. Keep livin’ the dream my friend. ❤


  2. I could tell you love what you are doing, and who you are doing it with, last week. Even when traffic conspired against you, or a room was hard to find, your passion for The Life (I hesitate to call it something as mundane as a ‘job’) poured such positive energy over everyone. All that love and positivity is returned by your mates and those of us lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking to you. You are keeping it fun and joyful, and everyone feels it.
    Live it, hon. I’m so thankful I got to have a small peek into The Life you lead. I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking for some of your energy once Edward gets going. Red Bull, huh? 😉
    Love ya,

  3. I would so much rather be broke and doing what I love than
    be rich and hating going to work everyday. You are so lucky to be
    doing what you love with people you care for. I envy you Dustin!
    Keep on keeping on!

  4. My sweet baby boy!

    I agree with Morgan. It was so good to see you doing what you love the most and what I believe you can do best! When you interact with people you treat them with respect one can tell that you really CARE! You told me you’re a man of the Universe and I fully agree here as well, that’s where you belong. To the Universe to the people to the things that you love…

    I told you sth in DC and I meant it. You are the sweetest thing and you deserve nothing but love and I wish you tons of it and that your life will lead you whereever you want to be!

    Love and Hugs

    The German Queen B

  5. If everyone loved what they were doing and cared about what they loved the world would be a happier place. It would be far from perfect as hurdles will always arise but it isn’t the challenge that is put in front of you, it is how you handle it. I think regardless of what your dreams for the future may be it is how you live and handle the now that shows true strength of character. Your words, as always resonate with me, D, and cause me to smile through watery eyes. Not that I would cry or nuffin, way too tough for that :-p. Keep posting, it’s all part of the journey. Much love & respect <333 xox

  6. Yup, life is too short to not love what you do, or to not
    be with those whom you love. It isn’t much of a life without
    either. Keep it up. ❤

  7. i think ur writing is raw and honest… And although touring is something u obviously rock at… we all love ur writing and care about it! Anyone that can include an image of pissing in a bottle in an RV in an otherwise serious glimpse into one’s self-assessment of one’s purpose, is(in my humble opinion) a fucking genius.

    I hope u found everything on the road, and I hope u also find everything at “home” … Keep on rockin in the free world and all that jazz!

    U guys , and u alone brought smiles to so many people on your kerouackish tour of north America… So just remember that as u embark on whatever adventure u go on little ashgar


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