this is no ordinary love

So here I am.
It is twenty five to three in the morning.
I am laying in a king sized bed (sadly it is being shared) in a 3 star hotel on the outskirts of down town Austin.
And I am in love.
With no one.
With nothing in particular.
But this world.
We have been in Texas since Sunday and I don’t care to leave (however it will happen sooner than later, and that’s ok cause I know I will be back)
I love the south.
I love texas.
and I already love this tour.
We are only two shows in and its as close to perfect as it can be.
My back ground in this industry is of the modern rock sorts.
And this (clearly) is far from that.
There is no rush
There is no stress
And there is no ego
This is real
This is life
This is music
Its raw
And it has meaning.
I don’t believe I have found it yet, and I may not find it any time soon.
But it is there, and that is good enough for me.
Brooke Fraser has got an amazing team of people with her.
She is great to watch.
She is funny.
She is real.
Her people are real.
I feel like I have know them forever, when realistically we all only met less then 36 hours ago.
Today, I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on the face of the planet.
I am traveling.
I am traveling with my best friend.
And together, we are doing what we love to do.
6 years ago when we first met, we talked about this.
We shared this dream.
We shared a passion.
And here we are.
In Texas.
In Austin, the self proclaimed music capital of the world.
For one reason and one reason only.
I’ve got nothing more then a sports bag stuffed full of clothes.
I’ve got my favourite tee-shirts.
I’ve got my favourite shoes.
I’ve got thousands of miles of open road to drive in the next month.
And I couldn’t be happier.
I don’t live a materialistic life out here, not that I do when I am home, but it is easy to fall into that trap.
I have no one to answer to,
And I feel great.
I’ve met some amazing fans.
I’ve met amazing people, some whom I’ve talked to in the past and some whom I hope to speak with more often.
When I left Vancouver on Sunday, I was, in a round about way, a complete mess.
My anxiety was sky high
My stress levels were astronomical
And I left with a lot to do when I come home.
Causing more stress..
I feel as though its just gone.
I know I will be ok
And I don’t worry about the things I’ve got no control over

Because everything will be ok..


12 thoughts on “this is no ordinary love

  1. I like this post alot. I love that you seem extremely happy. Can’t wait to meet you in Portland. umm…do I need to bring you a bag of socks….one sports bag of clothes seems small for a month of touring….but I am a girl so….. ha.

  2. NGL…that made me tear up a little *sniff sniff* can’t
    wait for you both to get to LA.

  3. I’m so thrilled that I will finally get to meet you on Saturday.
    I understand your love for Texas – my parents were from Dallas and Abilene, so the Lonestar State is always in my soul. It’s big enough to embrace everyone, especially musical wanderers.
    Have a lovely time in Texas, and safe travels, and when you do have to say goodbye, poor Louisiana and Mississippi just get to wave as you drive through. 😉

  4. THIS is my new “favourite” of your blogs now. It’s soooo
    good to hear you sooo happy and free of stress/anxiety. The tour
    will only get better as it goes on, and I’m even more happy you get
    to do it with your bestie. I hope you continue loving life and what
    you’re doing. You deserve it! x

  5. What a great post, Dustin. I think when we come to terms
    that worrying over things that we have no control over is so
    selfdestructive and useless, we gain a certain peace about life.
    I’m still working on that one, but I know it to be true. Like
    Morgan, my roots are Texan. In fact, my family has a ranch right
    outside Austin that has been there for 100 years. I love the
    history behind it. Two of my children were born in Texas, as was my
    husband. There is just something about that state, it draws you in,
    and doesn’t want to let you go. In a good way…:) So excited to
    finally meet you Saturday as well! x

  6. after reading this post, i just adore you even
    more!<3 it was great finally meeting you last night, it was
    amazing! Sam blew me away<3 both of you are just toooo
    adorable. have fun the rest of the tour, safe travels &
    come back to texas veryyy soon:) take care, sweetie<3

  7. Love this post. Saw you in Houston and you worked it! You
    really have a great voice and presence on stage. Wishing you all
    the best and thanks again for taking the time to sign t-shirts and
    chat – as fans we really appreciate this.

  8. Hey Dustin – Love your post – Glad you are living a dream –
    Just wishing the best to you and your troop as you travel across
    the country. I had such a great time Friday in Dallas – You guys
    were a fun, and much needed reprieve from the daily grind – I’ll
    bring you more Cake Balls next time you’re in the area 😉 All the
    best to you!

  9. Hi Dustin, It was nice meeting you last night at Sam’s
    concert. I absolutely love your blog and I believe great things are
    in store for you as a writer. You have a unique voice, a unique
    style about your writing. I love it. Remember, when you all come
    this way through Nashville, you have a “home away from home.” Have
    a great “rest of the trip.” Your journey is just beginning. 🙂

  10. I love that I got to meet you when you were in Alabama. It
    is so awesome to see someone doing something that they have always
    dreamed about, and it is awesome to see that you are so happy. You
    are a fan-freakin-tastic person. I hope I get to see you again
    someday and I look forward to reading more of your writing!! By the
    way I need to know where to send some crayons and coloring books
    for you. Be safe and have fun!

  11. Love this post sending you my best so happy we met, you
    are… So yeah, bye see ya soon I hope.

  12. “in love for all” -thursday “hes got a squint to his eyes
    like he cant take the world in; too much beauty to behold by one
    person” -brother ali

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