my first love broke my heart for the first time and i was like…

10 reasons why I think I am a better role model then Justin Beiber (and I still don’t have a book or magazine made after me)

1. I’m 24 and still alive (that’s an accomplishment on its own)
2. I don’t punch people (especially 12 year olds) in the face (if called a faggot)
3. I have lived enough life to write 10 books, and yet I don’t have a memoir- how you live 13 years then get famous and have enough to write memoirs with I don’t know (oh wait, for enough money you will let anything happen).
4. I don’t want to date Kim Kardashian
5. I don’t have to announce on national TV that I need a “wing man” to meet girls- infact I can meet a girls on my own
6. When I was his age I worked a normal job making 6 dollars an hour
7. When I write about love, its from first hand experience.
8. I had a lame “emo” haircut when having a lame “emo” haircut was un-cool.
9. I can drive a car on my own.
10. I am willing to bet an indefinite amount of money that Justin Beiber will have a mug shot before I ever do.. (Unless my current passport photo counts)

K, so the kid has mad millions of dollars (most of it he probably can’t touch until he is 18), he has sold millions of albums, he is known and adored by millions of girls world wide(fuck he even plays the drums better then I do) but coooome on people, when will this burn out.
I cannot take this hype seriously, this is why I don’t 1) have to buy into it 2) feel I need to buy into it 3) want to buy into it..

If the Beibs is still at it in 10 years maybe then I will be inclined to buy his memoirs and cd’s. Maybe then he will have a clue what this world is like. And the music industry.. Oh boy, he really has no clue..
I was with a band on Island DefJam records who more or less dropped so that the money could be put up for JB… Realistically a good call on a business stand point, but what about the fuckin music.


10 thoughts on “my first love broke my heart for the first time and i was like…

  1. THANK YOU!!!! i dont get it. and I’m a girl. Welcome to the machine. How many times have we seen it. new kids on the block, backstreet boys, NSYNC, OTOWN….all just sorta fizzled out after a bit yah? But look at who is still around. It seems that the fad acts tend to go away as their audience (who are mostly tween/teen girls) get older. *shrugs* anyway. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. Please lets move on from that beiber kid. BTW I’d read all of your books. For real.

  2. I’m only impressed by his ability to solve a Rubix cube in under 2 minutes. But since he’s not the only one who can do that, I suppose he could disappear and not be missed by me.

    • thats talent right there… i wish i could solve one.. let alone that fast.. he probably has a cheating rubix cube just to impress “the ladies”

      • Everything he does is to impress “the ladies”. He probably sat online when he looked like this:

        And read up on how to solve them fast, seeing as how he was too much of a dork to do anything else. No offense meant to those who spend all day online searching for tips on how to solve Rubix cubes in under 2 minutes. I really just needed an excuse to post that picture.

  3. I could not agree more! Justin Bieber, and so many like
    him, get the opportunity and funding to record cheap, meaningless
    songs that will become popular and give them the chance to branch
    out into other branches of the industry such and writing and acting
    just to make a buck. The sad thing is people, kids and teens
    especially, will buy into all of that, and miss out on artists with
    actual talent, that dont get nearly enough recognition. Artist that
    actually choose to record REAL music and write things that actually
    mean something or to make you think. Keep doing what your doing! I
    always love to read what you write!

  4. as an elementary school teacher, i’ve seen selena gomez, miley cyrus, ashley tisdale, highschool musical, JACOB, dora the explorer, the suite life , bratz dolls, webkinz…. all GO. kids get sick of something.. and then ALL their friends get sick of it too.. then it becomes UNCOOL… practically overnight.

    bieber has talent… but it’s being blown way out of proportion… and it’s odd to see… OVER and OVER and OVER again… i have lived through way too many “boy band/boy singers” crash and burn… i have really lost count… i blame the parents for letting it get that far (after all, they have control over what deals, etc are /were signed because he is underage)…

    the music is uber cheesy, and although he has a good voice, he has be the cause of my BIGGEST pet peeve so far this year.. the EFFING HAIR FLICK… my students do it ALL the time… i am going INSANE…

    please …. someone become the next “sensation” and for got sakes… make the habit /tick something tolerable…… NOT knuckle cracking .:)

  5. I’ve sat in an arena of shrieking Biebermaniacs and the kid
    is just that- a kid (a mildly talented one with an awesome machine
    behind him). He will grow up. So will his fans. They will grow
    minds- and hopefully hearts, and discover who they really are and
    then they’ll return to real music that means something. In that
    good faith i took my niece who insists she’s in love with “Justin
    Beaver” to his show. I thought it was fun for her and it’s
    clean-cut. Most importantly, i wanted to take her because I wanted
    her to know that dreams are possible. I would have given anything
    to see my favorite performers perform when I was younger, and
    there’s something that happened to me at my first concert
    experiences that undoubtedly changed who I am as a person. I became
    a music lover and my tastes in music have changed over time but my
    passion is constant- and I think that’s what young people lack now
    days. Passion (not of the fickle sort). And if Bieber can help me
    achieve that for my little one- then I ❤ Justin Bieber too.

  6. give him a break, he’s just a kid. also the whole “wingman” thing. people name drop all of the TIME in hollywood. including your “friends”, so it’s really not a big deal.

    yes, he’s completely overexposed, but so are the twilight stars, and if you don’t buy into his hype then you shouldn’t buy into their hype either, regardless of the fact that you’re “friends” with them.

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