voice of a generation

Can I be the voice of a generation?
Let’s give a little love
To the people and the war
in troubled nations
Stop the hate and
take time to contemplate
We can all be one with a little bit of patients
You can fight for what you believe
But it’s still a fight
After you leave


2 thoughts on “voice of a generation

  1. Someone’s got to be the voice when the media control the real voices out there. I’d rather you than those that perpertrate myth and promote fear and hate towards the unfamiliar. Use your voice becasue if one gets through the emdia bullshit that dictates our fears and loves then maybe the world will change for the better.
    Much love xox

  2. my fave quote (which matches nicely with your post):

    “think occasionally of the atrocities of which you spare yourself the sight” – albert schweitzer

    keep on keepin’ on… and keep rockin’ in the free world 🙂

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