what happened to diversity?

Everytime I turn the tv on (which isn’t very often) all I hear about is this on going battle with Islamic peoples.
Who the fuck cares if they want to build a mosque in New York City?
Who cares if it is close to “Ground Zero” ?
I wouldn’t be surprised if “9/11” was an inside job, carried out by “terrorists” appointed by whom ever set it up.
In supporting anti-Islamic groups you only create tension.
By protesting this you only piss these people off(just like how people protest your choices in life piss you off).
If the Islamic nations of this world are capable of nuclear war like our governments make us believe, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO ARGUE WITH THEM?
It is 2010…
This is a new world…
I seriously don’t understand why people hate each other so much. If you don’t like someone elses business keep your fucking nose out of it. By staying neutral you are one less voice that is acting out.
People don’t protest McDonalds being built across the road from a fitness center.
No one argues over yoga studios and coffee/doughnut shops in the lobby of an office building downtown.
Catholic churches stand kitty corner to elementary schools in urban neighborhoods and no one demands they get torn down.
Christian belief is openly advertised in places and I see it everyday and I’m not christian, but I don’t go around raising holy hell about it.
I choose to keep an open mind to everything that happens in this world so I can learn, so I can place my own “judgment” and choose my own beliefs.
How the hell is a Mosque in New York City harming anyone?
How is it any different from prayer groups in parks?
Why can’t people accept change as easily as I do?
Why the fuck can’t society be open to new things?
Why can’t we embrace something different and encourage diversity and live in this world together?
Does Donald Trump really need to buy that piece of New York City and build another fucking hotel or apartment building?
Where the fuck does this make sense? The President of the United States of America is black for fuck sakes. I don’t think I have to remind anyone that blacks were once slaves.
We got over that.
They are people.
The believe what they believe and we accept that.
If the Pope went to New York City he would have a fucking parade, yet the Islamic people cannot have a place of warship.
They will pay tax on the land, they will drive more traffic to that area, thus resulting in more spending at neighboring business’, potentially creating a few more jobs.
It gives people a sense of belonging in their circle.
It keeps the fucking peace…
It really only does take a couple of people to fuck up things for everyone else, way to set a great example for our future generations stupid bastards

…I swear more people need to smoke weed, we would have a lot more peace in this world…


9 thoughts on “what happened to diversity?

  1. Some are too closed-minded to understand that the actions of some people who belong to a “group” (of whatever kind) don’t necessarily represent the entire group as a whole. I can understand the point of view about a mosque in NYC, but kind of feel like it’s essentially judging a group of people who didn’t have anything to do with what happened there that day. That’s like saying anyone who is Islam is a terrorist, which is not the case. I assume (and perhaps I’m wrong) that these are regular people, families, children, looking for a place to practice their beliefs just like everyone else is allowed to do every day. I stay away from political stuff cuz honestly I have no right to speak on any of it, but I do find it frustrating in general that sometimes people as a whole are still so judgmental and narrow minded after how much the world has changed and continues to…

  2. Let’s flip the situtation.
    Imagine (and perhaps it has happened) that Christian Americans waltzed into Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, whatever pick one, and dropped a fat bomb in their downtown area killing thousands of innocent men, women and children, virtually devestating the area, the country and the people as a whole. These people would hate the Christian Americans and would probably want to retaliate in some way. Fast forward nearly a decade. Now the Christian Americans want to build a place of worship right next to, in plain sight of, the place in which they bombed, killed and destroyed that of the local peoples. It’s like saying “we destroyed your families and questioned your religion, stomped on your beliefs and now we’re going to give you a constant reminder of what we did to your country only a few years ago”. Do you think they would just allow it to happen without trying to stop it, or at least make a public display about it?
    Whether they’re allowed to build their mosque or not, whether people accept it or not, if it were the other way around it wouldn’t go unnoticed. Not to mention we live in the land of media now. Everything that anyone can bitch about will be broadcast.
    I[‘m not saying that I support what’s going on nor do I think it’s just, but I happen to believe if it were the other way around it would be similar.
    Your friend,

    • I understand your perspective, I really do, however, Christian American’s have gone into many of these areas and have engaged in warfare, as have Christians from other Western Nations so that part of your arguement has already occured. The major difference is that countries such as Iraq and Iran, etc, are not multicultural societies and would probably not welcome the establishment of a Christian facility. However, isn’t America a multicultural nation? Aren’t they world leaders? Shouldn’t they set they example for the rest of the world in the promotion of peace. Nothing would promote American’s acknowledgment and understanding that terrorists were responsible for 9/11 more, not Muslims in general, than the establishment of a Mosque at Ground Zero. It would also be a slap in the face of the terrorists that facilitated 9/11. My 2 cents for what it’s worth, much love xox

  3. I will use your own words———–back at ya———–would weed not help these situations?!

  4. DStroh….Muslims are Americans, too. Muslims died in 9-11 as well. I think that the majority of Muslims do not agree with Terrorism, and are horrified that this buzz-word has become synonymous with their religion. And, as Two.shoes said, America is not distinctly Christian. It’s a place of diversity, allegedly. Please let’s not feed the “us and them” mentality. πŸ˜‰ That being said, I do agree with you that if something of a similar magnitude had happened in a Muslim country, it would not have gone unnoticed. History tells us this. And we have many examples of Western cultures “bombing, killing and destroying local peoples” in said countries. Iraq anyone?

    And Two.shoes? I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    • I never once used the word Muslims. But the people responsible for 9/11 were Muslim, admittedly. So to want to build a place of worship next to a site where people of their religion were responsible for so much destruction is a bit ignorant, was really the only point I was trying to make. I know America is not distinctly Christian I was merely choosing a common American religion to use as an example. The point is not us and them, merely that in a world so greatly divided by religion (sadly) I can understand why people would be upset at the proposition of the mosque being built in that location. Again, I reiterate, I do not agree with it nor disagree, but no matter where it were to occur in the world someone would have an issue with it and want to make it a public ordeal.
      Thank you for your input and agreeance, however. πŸ™‚

  5. i’m kinda in aggrement with dstroh… i’m of the belief that just like so argue there is no reason to NOT have a mosque there, i don’t know why there HAS to be one there… but WOW people in NYC are gettin’ WAY WAY WAY too heated over the situation… and everyone and their mother has their own opinion. i don’t live in NYC, but personally, i don’t really believe that building churches or mosques are ever a good thing… and yes, i am spiritual.. no i am not an atheist… but i think that churches/ mosques/ places of worship (those supposedly “open” are still very CLOSED. it does not promote a healthy neighbourhood … i dunno… ahah.. can’t wait for someone to comment on that…

    there have been (and i’ll prolly piss people off by saying this) WAY more devastating events in the past due to terrorism (nazis anyone??) and it really does take years and years to help people heal…. sometimes you hear rednecks ranting about ANYONE that isn’t exactly like them, and sometimes you hear extremists angrily talking about their religion.. personally.. i’m sick of them all! πŸ™‚

    i think people need time to become educated, realize it has nothing to do with religion… but that it really isn’t appropriate for people to be pushing to GET a mosque built there…

    why not instead of promoting ONE religion, build a multicultural centre featuring art/displays from people of all backgrounds that want to say thank you to NYC for being so strong and to also remember lives lost? there could be workshops for tolerance, leadership activities, …. like a youth centre… to counteracct all the hating..

    i grew up english and protestant (well, my parents are atheists, i’m borderline christian and buddhist) in a french catholic town… i’ll tell you right now, that as a minority (don’t tell me that skin colour is the only minority… it isn’t) it sucks to be pressured with signs like “JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS” (but in french) plastered all around the town… or the fact you can’t get a job working for the catholic school board if you aren’t catholic… but ANYBODY can work for the public school board. it sucks that i would NEVER have a job in my town if i hadn’t been put into the french public school at 4… because if i didn’t speak french i wouldn’t have a job.. yeah. they are THAT closeminded… which is why their population keeps dwindling… my sister was half native canadian.. she had a HELL of a time.

    i guess my tangent is that religion needs to NOT be a focus in any society… or advertised, or pushed, etc, etc… i think that it is pretty shitty that people push their religion on ANYBODY… i really don’t think places of worship (in my opinion) are relevant… i mean.. we have to pray in a specific building, altogether to have God, G-d, Allah hear u… whatever.

    ps: i love everyone…. everyone is entitled to their opinion.. but the truth is, we aren’t all right all the time… and just because we are right, doesn’t make other people wrong… we have to meet in the middle somehow, which is virtually impossible…

    sometimes all it takes is spending more time OUTSIDE your religion and OUTSIDE your culture to realize that christians and muslims can both be stubborn, can both be kind… and that they both make mistakes all the time.. but that they are both wonderful too….

    pps: GOD is a guinea pig…

  6. I want the mosque to be built. But I lost friends and family in 9/11 and you “inside job” nuts are offensive. Really – WOW. A lot of victim’s families actually want it built. try harder etc.

  7. Religion is war! <<<happy to be an atheist. Religion is mostly confronted with , violence, pain, rape, pain, animosity… i think ( or i am sure) that the holy bible , the koran were written cause of force-money and to have some slaves, to play with people. you can find much same verses in this books, they`re very identical. i`ve read them both! I hate religions! Some people think that they can be lost if they don`t beleive in god,but i say its better to beleive in yourself. And if you want a god, create your own god, and stop to beleive what a guy has written a long long time ago, and the other guy has made a copy of this book too :), i mean how much fantasy books do we have now, so many….
    i am for no builiding churchs, mosques…amen

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