can i get a ride home… on your face?…

Well, I can’t say that I am overly surprised by the results of the 2010 VMA’s(as I could have told you the winner for every category if presented a list) but I can say I am very impressed.
To me they did nothing but prove that people in “suits” (or costumes when it comes to Lady Gaga) really do run this industry..
And that is all it is…
An industry…
The business of music is so easily predictable (see the results of the VMA’s).
But as an industry, as a service being provided (for free realistically, thank god people pay for over priced bull shit advertising space on tv during such events) they really did a knock up job this year.
Chelsea Handler (whom I share a birthday with as well as the apparent same amount of dislike for lady gaga) was probably the best host they have had in years. There wasn’t one joke she told that didn’t have me in stitches. Her entrance and opening was great, not even Lady Gaga could make fun of herself in the way that Handler did, yet she kept it classy..
Aside from the obvious lip syncing ( or lack there of in the case of Kanye West, who likely should have chosen that path) that one comes to expect these days, everyone’s performance was entertaining and well rehearsed. Even Justin Bieber owned that stage with his drum solo (he even managed to keep it pro when he dropped a stick).
The advertising dollars mtv made did a great job with the stage show.The stage wasn’t too over done and the producers used a lot of great effects.

What really gets me though is the lack of antics. I look forward to the shit that happens at the VMA’s. Taylor Swift and Kanye. Eminem and Triumph the Insult Dog, Eminem and Moby. What about the fist fight between Brett Michaels and CC DeVille of Poison ? Or the time Vince Neil of Motley Crue had his way with Izzy Stradlin of G ‘n’ R. Or the time Axl Rose wanted to fight Kurt Cobain and then Nirvana played “Rape Me” when they were told to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit”…
the list goes on..
Where the fuck were the antics?Even Chelsea Handler tried to encourage that shit (likely because she was told to as they were trying to prevent it).
There was no one trying to make a politcal statement, no fights, no courtney love, for fuck sakes even Lindsey Lohan showed face and kept her cool, when does that happen? Fuck she even made fun of herself…
The “craziest” thing I saw (also the lamest) was Lady ” I can fake anything” Gaga ask Cher “to hold her meat purse” like wwwwwhat the fuck!
And where was the rock and roll? Why does seem as though its being forgotten?
Sure, there was Linkin Park at Griffith Observatory, but Paramore hardly had a chance. Where was Weezer or (dare I say it) Nickelback?where is The Arcade Fire?
What happened to the times when Nine Inch Nails got some air time?
Remember Alanis Morrisette and Oasis?
All reasons why the business of music is people in suits behind desks (I suppose its ok but why must the other side to Top 40 be forgotten?)
Chad Kroeger isn’t adored like Justin Bieber, but I guarantee he has made more money and his career will go further.
Ok so, “Airplanes” has made more money than any Paramore single, but why couldn’t Paramore play a full song, a single, something to remind people who the are and that they are still around and “owning” stages across the world . They had a song on the Twilight soundtrack (sure that’s old new now but I stand behind my point) and they still get shafted? Why? I don’t get…
All in all, I was entertained, millions of others were as well and twitter had non-stop problems with their servers being busy, so clearly it was a smash…



One thought on “can i get a ride home… on your face?…

  1. first of all, you do NOT want to be a suit.

    …iwanttwoshoestoretracthiswishtobeagreedysellout… 🙂

    i don’t watch award shows… i don’t watch half-time shows… no, i didn’t even see the “nipslip” a la justin timberlake’s sticky fingers…

    i’m old, and i’m from a “musical time” when music was real… fans controlled the music… and the term fans has changed too..

    NOW… fans are 12 year olds that aren’t looking for what they want.. but what the industry tells them they want.. if it is on the radio 5 times a day, or it is a viral video, etc… then they will buy it.. correction: their parents will pay for their itunes so they can be their kids “friend”.

    back in the day, if you wanted to hear music, you went to a record store, sampled music, discovered what you liked, didn’t even KNOW what the musicians looked like, didn’t even KNOW if it was a top 40, then u bought the CD/cassette, shared it with friends and sometimes they liked it.. sometimes they didn’t. the key was… you LOVED the sound.. something about it SPOKE to you.

    remember the mixed tape??? remember that is how every little grade 8 boy told his girlfriend how he felt ?? well.. video killed the radio star…

    and money killed the video star.

    and the video star was reincarnated as a marionette to have their strings pulled toward the REAL money… and he wore a suit… and locked up the marionette.. only to release it when more money was to be made….

    it SUCKKKKKSSS when i hear people say “well, i did ( name your shameless deed) to sell music, because that’s what you have to do in the industry”… i feel like slapping them and saying “NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT!!!”

    more artists need to change up their song at the LLLLLAAAASSSTTT minute at award shows… more people need to wear what they WANT, not what their stylist put them in …. cuz now we have 12 year olds all trying to afford the stupid ridiculous designer names that celebs wear…. more people need to just DISCOVER bands… go to local shows… don’t look for “most popular”, unless when u hear it you love it!…

    mass media…


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