*note this was written a long time ago and i am now just publishing it*

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. She is opinionated much like myself but we seem to agree on a lot of things, most things infact, (most of the time..) until we discussed the importance of Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga… the conversation came when I sent her a message saying “Adam Lambert may be a genious” in which she replied asking why. I stated my reason(s) which was basically he is an amazing song writer.. and at the time i thought so.. i was listening to “whadya want from me” as it is on the radio twice an hour.
I had really convinced myself that Adam Lambert may just be a genious..
I had no idea why either, aside from that song, I had only ever heard “For your Entertainment” a few times and I knew what I knew from when he did American Idol.
While she disagree’d with me she brought up that Lady Gaga was infact the pop genious and Adam Lambert was a mere nothing.. (not quite phrased like that mind you). She carried on saying that “Gaga” has changed music for our generation (lets just go with genre specific on this one) and she was all around great.To that, I immediatley rejected any sort of common feelings. Up until then Lady Gaga really irritated me and I never cared about anything she ever did or said..
I still dont.
It is likely I never will either.
Since our conversation, this very topic has been a common conversation for me to have within my circle(s) of friends. From some what of an insiders point of view, I had expected that people might agree with me, and really it was not this way at all. I am not saying my friends and peers think that “Gaga” is amazing and will do wonders to the music industry, they either a) dont care and tell me to stop talking b) agree with eachother that Lady Gaga is decent and provides great club songs or c) love LG and dont care at all about AL…

so I got curious..
… and I did some research..
I aquired a copy of both artists latest efforts and really listened to them… well I at least tried. it was actually painful.. but I did it.

With a bunch of prefabricated thoughts going into this, this is what I have conclded…

Lady Gaga is a slut. This is undeniable and evident in every song she sings, even she cannot deny it.
Adam Lambert is confused. This can also not be denied. I would not be surprised if he came out one day and said he was bi-sexual and not gay. Both albums are honest, a little too honest maybe but at least they can both tell the truth about who they really are, and still make you wanna shake yo’ ass.
Based on reviews, conversations and the little knowledge( the radio singles I have heard and the odd youtube video I have watched) I have, I expected Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” to be shocking in the way my mother was shocked the first time we saw and heard Eminem on tv. I was expecting a lot more in that regards, in all honesty I was let down. The only thing that really took me by surprise was that fact that Lady Gaga openly admits that she “likes IT rough” and she is only in it “for the fame” or whatever she babbles and repeats during the entire album. (She does so in different ways a few times)
I didnt expect much from Adam Lambert, I had just hoped for a lot more. What I did expect was a lot more rock and a lot less of the album being all over the place. Every single song sounds different from the last. One song sounds like Prince, one song sounds like Michael Bolton, through in some show tunes with a dash of The Fray or any other band that sounds like them (which there is plenty of) mix it all up with some ridiculous synth sounds and a very obvious hint of David Bowie(down to the front cover) and you have Adam Lambert’s debut album.
Now, the thing that really gets me about LG is that she is exactley the same as AL. She isnt new (current yes), she really isnt THAT creative and I am still not convinced she is that talented or influential in any way shape or form. If I had a daughter who was at the age where she was discovering music, I would be putting a kybosh on Lady Gaga. The only thing she has the ability to teach girls is how to lie,cheat and steal for personal gain, and what the fuck is that ever going to do for 99.5% of anyone in this world. At least Eminem taught me what happens when you take to many drugs and do fucked up shit, I am just a naive little prick and had to try a few things out for myself. I cannot say I honestly know anyone who would do as Gaga does (however there a few people in my life, past and present who now make a little more sense to me) likely for the obvious reasons, but I think a lot of people (girls more specifically) would give anything to be her. Why, I have not got the slightest clue.
As i write this, I am listening again to “For Your Entertainment” and in some round about ways Adam Lambert is also a slut, he just seems to have a more sophisticated way of saying it. Again, I find nothing about him to be influential and I cannot see myself taking anything from this. There is soul, but it is a sound not an emotion, and that could make a world of difference for him, where as Lady Gaga may just be the polar opposite of that, she may have the soul as an emotion(it is actually kind of souless when you think about, regardless it is her soul I suppose) and not as a sound, and that may work to her benefit.

As i mentioned before, either artist is anything new. Lady Gaga is nothing more than the glamour of Madonna, the style of Bjork and trying to go for the shock value of Marilyn Manson… let me explain..
Her songs, if you know anything about Madge are the same songs written differently. Her name, “Lady Gaga” sounds like a two year old singing “Lady Madonna” by The Beatles… think about it..
Her “bizzare” style, is everything Bjork had done before, perhaps a little better, and the whole controversy about her being a man or whatever it was.. Manson did the same shit(more so the “Mechanical Animal” era… )there was even rumors saying he had some of his ribs removed and inserted into his penis in order to suck his own dick… like wtf.. who believes that shit? at the time, everyone no likely no one, but he will forever be remembered for that

What will the youth of today remember forever about Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert?
What will those same youth say in 20 years when they hear those songs again?
is anything Lambert or Gaga done to date timeless? no! Significant? not really! important? apparently and I still don’t get how or why.
I understand the songs are catchy and in the grand scheme of the music industry and the stagnant air that has loomed above it for years, they have both done something differently… they perfected ripping people off… and getting away with it.. They have created an indentity that is completely their own… to a new world..

so, Gaga or Lambert?
and i say neither.
I say this because they are both still complete rubbish. However, if they had a kid, in 20 years, that kid may just be the biggest and most respected artist of all time…
To bad ALam doesnt like the women bits.. we may never know what could have been


5 thoughts on “gagavslambert

  1. great post. I had mixed feelings on Adam Lambert myself. I saw amazing material in him, in the beginning. Now I am just sorely disappointed in most everything I hear from him. He is still fabulous, and I think maybe in time his albums will mature… atleast that’s my hope for him. As far as Lady Gaga, she is just an over glorified wanna be Madonna, minus the talent. Her fashion, I’m sorry, states nothing to me other than, she may or may not be a crack smoker… I dunno. that’s just my opinion. Aside from the few catchy songs that pave the way to the dancefloor while typsy at the club, her music isn’t paving the way to much of anywhere, in my opinion.
    love love love love xx

  2. FINALLY!!
    Allow me to address a few points.
    While I did say that Gaga is more influential and all around better then Lambert, allow me to clarify: In 20 years do you think that anyone from the next generation is going to really remember Adam Lambert? Probably not, if they do it’s because their parent was a fan (for some ungodly known reason). Will anyone remember Gaga? Most likely because she did something different, and yes, I agree, she may be a mash up of Madonna, Bjork and somehow Marilyn Manson, but she has evolved an image into something of modern day and has created an attitude that, in this time, is somewhat new to the music industry. I do agree that she is not a good role model for young girls and that sucks, but she has done something for women, more or less, in the sense that she isn’t so lady like… although it has been done before.
    The point I must make clear is this: Lambert is a manufactured pawn of American Idol. A proverbial shit mix of whatever they could mash together (as you so poignantly noted) not to mention that he basically has taken all that he can muster to create an image that is not shocking nor appealing and, clearly, people don’t really care about.
    Gaga, on the other hand, has people talking constantly. And her music isn’t half bad, if you’re drunk.

    I just rambled there… but it felt good. GOod work! Glad you finally posted it. ❤

  3. omg i have had the lady gaga argument with my friend carrie sooo many times… she LOVES gaga, and loves that she is “the new madonna”….

    i am fortunate enough to have had parents that had a wide variety of music, and music that still has appeal…. we didn’t listen to radio often at all, cuz they really only played the “popular songs” (the ones that you cringe and think…. omg, remember when i listened to that song 10 times in a row for like 2 weeks? ahahaha). as an elementary school teacher, it shocks me to see how some of my youngest students dress, and how little substance their “playlists” have…

    i happen to LOVE watching 1girl5gays on MTV canada… my fave guy, juan put it best “lady gaga’s music is S-Club 7 quality… but if it plays at a club, i’ll dance to it” ahahaha….

    i think gaga is getting what she wants… fame.. she doesn’t really want her music to have staying power… she wants instant gratification… she wants her appearance to be shocking, her music so sound meh-poppy (yeah, i just created that word) and for her lyrics to be crude or… “racy”….

    as far as adam lambert is concerned… from what i’ve seen, he pours his heart into his music, and he just wants to be adored by people for ALL time… i see him moving onto bigger and better things to be a lasting figure….

    blah blah blah…. people all need a dose of pop music in order to appreciate music that is popular for them…. to be reminded that substance in music helps it last…
    while glitter flakes off… and vibrant colours fade……

  4. I have a friend who kinda likes Adam Lambert and has played me the album. Um, yeah, I’ll pass thanks. I think he has a great voice. That’s about it.

    As for Gaga… I have to confess to being incredibly uninformed about her. I don’t know her songs. I don’t want to know her songs. I have very little opinion about her except to express my disinterest. An artist I really admire practically thinks the sun shines out of Gaga’s bum and that still hasn’t sparked enough curiousity in me to look further.

    Did I mention I don’t listen to the radio?

  5. At last somebody made a clear point about LG…I can take the sound of AL, just can’t get it why LG would be the new “Madonna”. LG is no Madonna. That I know. As for AL, watched him in AI he has a voice–the sound. but it doesn’t give much. Kudos to your insight about the 2.

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