riddle me this, riddle me that mother fucker

Repenting needs to be more poetic…
If it were a form of poetry I may be convinced its good to do…
I ate the fish..
I ate it…
There is my sin…
She gets excited when…
…when dolphins cry…
False accusations are a sign of ones insecurities…
I have this figured out…
I think I know what’s going on…
She tries when…
…when it’s to late…
Didn’t your mom teach you it’s bad to cry wolf?…
…some people will never learn…


I won’t start a war//
But I’ll fight it//
I’m not looking for trouble//
But I don’t mind it//
Yeah, you can set this city on fire//
Just hope the bridges don’t burn//
Before you learn//
How to walk on water//
I won’t go down//
I will not drown//
And when you surface//
Ill take the crown//




2 thoughts on “riddle me this, riddle me that mother fucker

  1. I seriously think you have a very attractive mind. One day you will make a lady a very lucky woman. xoxo

  2. i’m responding with one of my old “poems”

    restlessness surges through my frame so…
    i devour the electric waves
    inhaling them, none escape
    save for one
    it latches onto my keyboard
    the capsLOCK KEY. HE WON’T
    LET GO. LET GO. he’s gone

    in a botox generation
    i fear old jam lids
    i nap in a daze of worry
    i’m scatterbrained
    sheep. what sheEP? STAY OFF THAT KEY! ASDHJKF;KL…
    crushed, and quickly flicked off the keyboard.

    a.d.d? web md thinks maybe.
    check, check, check.
    symptoms for everything, and nothing at all.
    pop up ads for zoloft and baby formula.
    yeah…. um…..
    caffeine -the culprit, and my saviour.
    erratic by nature
    fueled by beans… carried to me by that moutain donkey.
    keeps me soothed
    knowing, knowing
    and never realizing

    what makes me tick
    is that…. i type and
    nobody reads these …. 🙂

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