….this was good…

*the following are all blogs/notes i posted on facebook back in 2008 on the Saliva, Drowning Pool, Tantric, JetBlackStare.. at the time i was with JBS and this was how some of that tour was.. enjoy*
ps: the following were all done on my blackberry and i am to lazy now to correct the numerous amounts of spelling mistakes etc.. so take it for what it is..

Tales from the road
Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 7:00pm
Life is much different now then ever before. I am content. I am alone. I miss life as it once was but I am happy with the way it is now.

We left vancouver monday night at 8 ish, we have only stopped for gas, food and to use the rest room. We are now driving into down town tampa flordia heading to saint petersburg. By the time we get to our hotel it will be about 70 hours straight driving.

I have been sick since saturday so that makes the drive that much worse, I have been sitting in the back seat of this van watching tv shows and movies. I watched all of season 4 of entourage the first two seasons of the office (u.s version), harold and kumar escape from guantanimo (sp?) Bay, into the wild, grandmas boy, superbad, rewind – the stereophonics dvd and I think that is it. I haven’t read anything other then instant messages and text messages so thanks to all who have kept me occupied lolz.

We are spending the weekend in daytona and are playing for the daytona bike fest. Some fuckin wicked bands will be playing all weekend so I’m super stoked to see them all. We start our trek up north come monday I am looking forward to being back in new york, we. Are not playing there though just stopping in to say hi I think. We play a tattoo convention with killswitch engage in rhode island that will be stellar.

I can see the skyline of saint petersburg across the water. We have been driving on a road similar to the one into kelowna from west bank accept this one is. Miles long. I am dieing to get out of this van and get clean. As I mentioned I am sick and so is flip so its just muggy and sick like. I love all 6 of these guys but boy am I glad to not have to see them (minus jeff our tm, we are room mates) for the next 12 hours ish.

I have really missed maria the last couple weeks. I hope she is doing well. I would like to talk to her and share all my stories and hear all hers.

I have been listening to a lot of tool and red lately. I suggest you do the same. I am dieing to take a picture. I am dieing to paint. I brought a couple of little canvas’ with me so I need to find some paints and do some art.. Tres bon.

There are some really nice houses in flordia.
We are minutes away from the hotel but I will try and blog from the road more often


Tales from the road two
Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 5:58pm
In daytona beach flordia right now. I’m standing side stage watching drowning pool they are playing that bodies song and the crowd went ballistic it was fun to watch from here. It must be weird for the singer to sing a hit song he didn’t write. (The original singer died years ago) they did a cover of rebel yell. By billy idol that was pretty fuckin sweet!

I’m super stiff and sore today. The set went well tonight a bunch of little problems but it kept me on my toes . Dan broke another bottom skin on hs snare, it is so rare that a bottom skin brakes but he is a hard hitter (which I love) and has gone through a couple lately.

Florida is amazing. The temperature is right, so far it hasn’t been to humid. I watched the sun rise on the beach this morning it was amazing.

Not much is new, the first couple days of a new tour always suck because everyone is trying to figure shit out. I have a feeling by the time the road island show hits everything will be good. We leave tomorrow afternoon for columbia south carolina I believe. It will be a gorgeous drive up the coast so I’m looking forward to that.

I was rudely woken up today by flip and a fucking pillow to the head haha but I guess that’s what happens when u pass out on the floor blocking the washroom door and three dudes need to shower. There is so much beer in the catering area tonight and I think I have done my fair share of drinking it :S

I started writing something this morning on the beach, it is about listening to the voice inside your head ( in a non crazy kinda voice way) it goes like this:

Front and centre solider
A little to the left
General nothing here, to clean up the fucking mess you call yourself.
A deep breath in to the beat of your drum
About face, soilder and fucking run
Remove your badge handover your gun lieing to yourself is no funreflection in the sand of the burning sun when paradise is hell you have not won.

I’m out

TFTR-South Carolina : 3
Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 6:59am
We are in Charleston South Carolina right now we did the 2nd of two shows in SC last night, it went off really well all things considered.

I think this is my third morning here and I love carolina mornings it is very similar to vancouver.

I went out and took pictures the other night in columbia I didn’t take many but I got some really cool ones I will post when I have some time to up load them to my lap top. I have an idea for a painting I want to try and do soon. This tour is really oddly booked and I don’t really think we get a proper day off, it is all drive days. There is talks of doing a thanksgiving dinner with Daves brother and sister in law in november when we get to texas so it may not be til then that I get to paint.

I wish I could watch the set from out front sometimes, the guys have done really well in making more of a stage show and jeff is a killer sound guy so the sound is completely different from when ryan was doing it… Not to mention better hahaha.

The squirrels here are different here and all the ones I have seen so far have had little nubs for tales, and I would say I have seen quite a few of them…..

I don’t have much to say right now, I have been ready to leave for an hour now so I thought I would try and kill some time



Tftr4- providence RI
Friday, October 24, 2008 at 11:50pm
It is 150 am, I am wide awake as we drive through the lovely state of connecticut we are coming from providence rhode island which is a beautiful city. There is tim hortons in the north eastern states so we got to go to timmies for coffee today, probably the high light of my day. I am ready to scream my fuckin head off some people piss me off to no end but there is not much one can do…

I finished watching a movie called “control” it is the story if Ian Curtis of Joy Division it is a pretty sad movie but I recommend it especially if you like black and white movies. I am really into coheed and cambria’s latest album good apollo I’m burning star IV volume 2 it has been frequently listened to the last 2 days along side the first dallas green album.

We played with killswitch engage tonight I didn’t get to watch all of their set but damn those guys are really good live, I think that was the 5th time I have seen them, the last time being 2005 in London England.

Fuck I hate nights like tonight we have a 10 ish hour drive to west virginia so we drive allnight long I get to sleep sitting up all night only to get to the venue tomorrow and spend at least 12 hours on my feet and then we drive again for 6 hours to pennsylvania where I will finally get to sleep in a proper bed. Oh how I can’t wait. I think we get a proper day off doing fuck all in Jim Thorpe PA then we head further into the mid west were I finally get to see some friends I haven’t seen in a few months.
I swear if I don’t paint something soon I’m going to go bizerk so HOPEFULLY monday I will get to do so. I know exactley what I will paint to. We got to meet alex grey today, for all who don’t know he is the man responsible for the trippy album art that tool has. He was at the tattoo expo painting and selling his books and shit. He was painting a picture of Obama but adding alex grey style to it. I am jonesing to play my guitar and jam with some of my boys it has been ages and that control movie has really inspired me.

I think we drive through new york in the next hour ish, I love that drive at night the Manhattan skyline looks amazing from the George Washington bridge, we drive right through the bronx that should be interesting at 4 am on a friday.

We went through Washington DC yesterday and we got to see the white house and the pentagon up close and personal. We were barrelling down Independance ave which runs along the side of the white house kinda and two cops jumped out in front of us blowing whistles and finally told us we couldn’t take a trailor down that road so we had to u turn in a busy intersection during rush hour! Oh the joys.

I just saw a road sign saying we are going to drive through Mianus and anyone who is a fan of jackass knows that they went and did some stupid shit in Mianus for the obvious reasons.

Today normal means something
But I thought this was normal. Apparently normal doesn’t exist its just a figment of our imagination.
I am having a hard typlng as it is so imma peace



Tftr-5 : Hazelton, Pennsylvania
Monday, October 27, 2008 at 4:17pm |

some times people want to much and are not willing to give enough in return, it is mind blowing how blind people can be at times.. life is strange right now.. i cannot deal with situations the same as i would at home, or in a “normal” setting and i still cannot make the connection as to why i am not aloud, i just know i cant and its frustrating.

we are in Hazelton PA which is the middle of nowhere but fuck is it beautiful. the venue last night was on top of some hill and it over looked a Pennsylvania Valley. Autum on the east coast is gorgeous. Last night i was standing on a table on the patio over looking the valley as the sun was setting, and i dont think i have seen anything like what i saw, the leaves on the trees washed the valley with colours i have never seen before, the air was clean and pure and it smelled so strongly of life, fresh untouched life. i have been atop mountains before but nothing like this one. off in the distance you could see the country roads winding back up to the interstate, you could see houses in the most desolate place i have ever been.. it was a real treat i tell yah.

Jeremy has gone home, it was really sad to see him leave, Jeff and I drove him to the air port which turned out to be just over an hour from the hotel so it was a late night, we didnt get in until 5 30 this morning. It is nice having a day off and not having to drive. we went to wal mart today and i got some paints and a paint brush and a gold marker. I have spent the last hour or so mustering up ideas for what i will paint and tonight i am going to sit down and paint….unless something comes up.

i am starting to not feel so sick any more but everyone is sick or getting over it so there is just nasty germs everywhere, and it makes it hard to feel 100% especially with some of the drives we have done on this tour. I have spent a fair bit of time with the tantric and drowning pool boys over the last couple of shows and they are all genuinely good people and a pleasure to be around.

we leave tomorrow for flint michigan, i think it is going to take us about 12 hours from where we are right now so it will be a long day. i am excited to see michigan as we havent been there yet, and of course back to illinois. i will get to see a lot of friends i have made on the road over the course of the next week or two.. it is always nice to have some new people around even if only for a day, keeps me sane.

i am going to see if i can find a microwave in this hotel so i can heat up some dinner..



Tftr-6: San Antonio Texas
Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 1:01am
Its been a while since I have wrote. We are in San Antonio Texas, we had a show here tonight after two glorious days off. We spent the first of two days off driving from springfield illinois to texas where we spent tuesday in temple at Dave’s brothers house and they made us a huge thanksgiving dinner. We have done a lot of driving this whole tour but more so in the last week and a half. We spent Halloween in Louisville Kentucky with drowning pool and tantric, saliva had a one off in Memphis so we all did one there. The night over all was a lot of fun. The room was tiny and the stage even smaller but as always we make the best of every situation. there was a costume contest and I think I saw some of the best costumes I have ever seen. A group of people all came dressed up as all the main marvel characters, there was some dude in a big bunny suit, a very real looking penis ejaculating and so on. The next day we were in detroit and that is a spectacular city in my opinion, it is scary ass all hell but there is some really old architecture and seemingly a lot of history. The show here was at the filmore which is a historic theatre just on the out skirts of downtown. As we were driving in we went around the outskirts of the 8 mile road area qnd from what I saw there and the rest of detroit I experienced it is very much like the movie 8 mile.

I got to see some friends in Flint and in Libertyville Illinois. Daves younger brother came out to the springfield Illinois show and that whole night turned into a gong show. There was a tattoo shop that set up in the merch area and they were doing tattoo’s and piercings and some how flip managed to convince me to get a tattoo and together we some how managed to convince them to let us tattoo eachother, so to make a long story short flip tattoo’d flip on me and I tattoo’d twoshoes on him. At this point in the night I was in no shape to even use my cell phone let alone try and tattoo some one for the first time but all in all it worked out pretty good and the next day we were happy with the results.

Other then that not much else is new, we are home in a couple weeks, there has been a lot of interband hangouts which is nice, it is always kind of weird when you don’t make friends with other bands and their crew

For the first time really I am enjoying texas for the sole reason it is sunny and warm here.

I think that’s else.


Tftr-7: Souix Falls South Dakota
Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 9:56pm |
Its really cold here!
Much like vancouver at this time of the year. We drove 18 hours yesterday from Lubbock Texas I probably slept for the better part of 12 of those hours, we leave tomorrow morning for Great Falls Montana and I think that is roughly a 16 hour drive so that will be entertaining. This tour is quickly coming to an end and I will be really sad to leave this one. I will miss the people I see everyday. It is always weird coming home from tour, its basically one day you wake up and are surrounded by a bunch of people from the past, sometimes it is really nice and sometimes it is just to much to handle , but I look forward to being home again. if I am a ghost for the first few days or so please don’t be offended I just need some time to readjust. I still don’t know what the new year offers. I have had a couple of job offers and everyone wants answers sooner then later and at this point its just to hard to say.

I have been listening to a lot of saosin and rise against lately, it is very inspiring and brings me good thoughts and ideas of what my time home will be like.

I was looking at pictures of this tour tonight and I am really excited to share them, I have lost my cable to connect to my computer so I need to buy an sd card reader and I will up load them then.

We got pulled over by a cop yesterday in wichita kansas and he came to the window spelling like weed and after loioking at our insurance papers asked if we had any good bc buds on us. Haha it was a good time. We got pulled over in texas last week and I had weed in my pocket so I ate it just in case but boy did I learn my lesson haha.

Anyway its time to pack up merch




One thought on “….this was good…

  1. Entertaining and educatiional. You lead such a different life to me. Mine is so….. suburban. So it’s fun for you to revisit old times and it’s fun for me to do a bit of vicarious living.

    My mind expands that way.

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