i am sad today.
i am frustrated.
i am ambitious.
i am excited.
i am nervous.
i am annoyed.
i am content.
i wish i wasn’t alone right now
i wish i was stoned
i wish it wasn’t late
i wish i could
i wish i would
i wish we were together
i wish i could have just one wish

photo by SB


8 thoughts on “…iwannastartarevolution…

  1. That picture is FANTASTIC. And I love reading your blogs, it’s almost like getting to hang out with you even though we do live a province apart haha.

  2. You made me sad with this one. I’m such a bundle of contradicting emotions most of the time, and I struggle to work out which one is the predominant one at any given moment.
    I think that it doesn’t help that I’m a recovering depressive. It means I’m never quite in touch with what’s going on in me….

    Did I just admit that out loud?

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