oh little mermaid girl how you have saved the day again

Public transit amounts for at least 75% of my stress and anxiety on a daily basis, maybe even more.
I am not a morning person, by any means. I prefer to stay up late while the rest of the world sleeps, and I love to sleep in  while everyone else is drinking their morning cup of coffee in hopes of waking up.
This doesn’t make me lazy, does it?
Its not like I sleep all day, sleeping in is getting up at 9 am on Thursday morning, but I have no reason to wake up at 7, so I don’t.
However maybe I should. Maybe I need to start leaving my house 4 hours early for everything because transit is no help in getting you places on time. Safe, yes, Early no. Reliable, yes if a reliable bus means that it will come and take you somewhere, reliable no if it’s meant to be on the scheduled time.
I understand fully that there are many reasons why a bus will be late, but everyday this kinda stuff happens.

I am scheduled to work at 10:45, my normal route to work consists of 3 buses , one sea bus and one sky train. Sounds like a lot but it is not. The total duration is 48-50 minutes, traffic depending. I woke up at 8:30, layer in bed until 8:45 and left the house at 9. It is a 10 minute walk from the house to the bus stop, today I took 12 minutes. Bus number 1 is scheduled to pick me up at 9:23 so I am at the stop with 11 minutes to spare. This bus just doesn’t show up so now I have to wait for the next one, 15 minutes later. To my surprise the bus that is routed to come by that stop at 9:38 is in fact 2 minutes early which makes things a little better… Until I get to the transfer station. Arriving a head of schedule I am quite confident that everything will be ok and I will still make all the connections I need to make. WRONG. As we get to said transfer station, I look around in hopes of spotting my bus waiting for me. I spotted it alright, and it wasn’t waiting, it in fact was pulling out from its little nook known as bay 9. With a quick review of the time I find this bus to be departing 3 minutes earlier than the posted time at the stop so I make a quick dash across the pavement with arms flailing, along side 10 or so people also doing the same motions as I.
Seeing as the driver was a dick and left early with out waiting for the connecting buses I should have known he wouldn’t stop for the world, yes I carry on running around the bus loop trying to flag this asshole down.
So, a bus doesn’t show up, the following bus shows up early and the connecting bus leaves before its posted time? Where does it make sense.
Now I am a little more angry than I should be, but like I said, I am by no means a morning person, for reasons such as this.
I spot the transit security sitting in a nice Ford Mustang security vehicle so I make my way over to voice my complaint, well do you think buddy cared! Heelllllllls no. He was kind enough to give me a business card with a complaint number in which I proceeded to call, knowing full well nothing would come of it… Aaaand I was right.
By the time I hung up the phone I had been pacing the perimeter of the transfer station for the better part of 15 minutes trying to figure out the best way to get to work without being late. Well that is damn near possible at this point. It is 10 o’clock, I left the house an hour ago and I am not even a 5 minute drive from my origin, when I should already be on the sea bus pondering someone else’s life, or perhaps a quick round of staring contests, instead I stand flustered at this place known as Phibbs Exchange with no options other than being late.
After a text message argument with my boss, some quick thinking and some fancy foot work I hoped aboard the bus heading downtown with my fingers crossed that I would make the connection,at this point in the day though I had some serious doubts…
And I was right. As I got off the bus and looked across the street the bus I was trying to catch was pulling away from the curb…
At this point I have 12 minutes before I am 1 minute late and I really can’t be bothered to race around downtown trying to catch a bus to take me in the general direction of where I need to go, when it is just as likely I will miss that bus and yet spend more time waiting…

…So I guess now is as good of a time as any to drown my sorrows in a grande non fat extra hot white mocha…


8 thoughts on “oh little mermaid girl how you have saved the day again

  1. Your title is deceiving. I kept reading, expecting the Mermaid girl to whisk in and be like “Dustin! I’ll get you across the sea just like the sea bus would! Here are my magical fish friends that will take you there.” Alas, no go.

    I live in a disillusioned world where Vancouver transit is the most efficient transit I’ve ever encountered. Seriously. Every time I’m there, I spend so much time marvelling at how easy it was for me to get from point A to point B, C, and etc. But I always hear otherwise from actual Vancouverites.

    I maintain, Calgary transit is still one of the worst big-city transit systems in existence.

    • of all the public transit i have been on in north america, i would say vancouver is one of the best.. but it still fuckin annoys the hell out of me..
      i wish a mermaid would pick me up and carry me across the sea… sadly the only mermaid in my life costs $4.55 and is printed on the side of a recycled paper cup 😦

  2. Being a family member of a bus driver in North Vancouver for the past 21 years, I would like to point out one thing:
    consider the volume of people that take the bus of one single driver in his shift. Out of all of those people probably about 90% of them are ungrateful, rude and a bunch of assholes. Dealing with that for an extended amount of time would turn you, the bus driver, into an asshole too.
    I guess the point I’m trying to make is… bus driver’s are assholes? hahaha no no ok ok, most of them do their best to accomodate the general public and while they should never leave their scheduled stop early or late, sometimes these things are out of their hands and their is a higher power usually contributing to that. They put up with so much shit on a regular basis that they just get fed up, and they can’t help everyone all the time. Having said that, the Transit Supervisors are a bunch of lazy fucks who get paid a lot of money to do next to nothing and thus should have to deal with the customer complaints because, clearly, their are many.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sticking up for the bus driver’s who are dicks, but some of them really are good (like my dad).
    As for Translink… they don’t give a shit how many buses it takes to get you to point B, or how long, or if you’re late for work or on time… They just want you to pay $5.00 to get there each way so they can pump it into their $100,000 luxury vehicles. Translink, along with our provincial government, is the reason why you didn’t make it to work on time…. just sayin…
    My advice to you, my not-so-lucky friend – get a car. 🙂

  3. I swear to god if I didn’t know you were in Van, I would totally think you took MY route to work too haha. (Well except for the Sea Bus part giving it away too…but I’m willing to overlook that). Since I live in the ghetto the bus’ here are rarely on schedule and often times don’t show up at all. If my bus doesn’t show up, I walk it’s route to get to the train station in hopes of meeting up with it…often times I make the 30 min walk without seeing a single bus. Then I take the train downtown, and then have to walk 6 blocks because the train station I should be getting off at is “closed for refurbishment”….bah. I hope tomorrow goes better for you friend, and man, maybe the transit security should stop spending money on Ford Mustang’s as work vehicles, and look into better customer service instead lol.

    However, was the mocha at least worth it? Sometimes coffee makes it all better haha.

    • the mocha is allllllllwaaaaaaaays worth it hahaha.. and i agree who needs a mustang when all you do is sit there and do nothing.. tisk tisk

  4. commuting = road rage that you cannot control…

    at least when your driving, you can flip off the other drivers, get into the right lane, chose your path, etc….. i get it… it is super frustrating not to be in control of traffic, timing, etc…

    next time this happens, because it is summer, get yourself a green tea iced lemonade…. since i’ve sworn off them for the summer, the least you could do is drink my share…

    and i’ll flip of people for no reason to make up for you not being able to… dealio?

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