…its hockey night in Canada…

I am begining to think that the CBC only has vampires as their anchors. I met Gloria Macarenko like 15 years ago and she looks the same today, infact she looks younger and better.. “I’d hit that”
.. Clearly Tony Parsons has been bitten in the neck.. He apparently “retired” to make documentries yet he co-hosts the CBC news:Vancouver edition, and then hops on a plane and goes to Victoria to host the 10pm news on CHEK-TV .. Like wtf Tony, you were born in 1939 you goof..

And what the fuck happened to Ian Hanomansing? Apparently he missed the memo that Twilight was being filmed here and he didn’t go down to get some blood sucked from him… So his leave from CBC is no mystery…

And Peter Mansbridge.. Oh Petey boy.. He babysit hitler, I’m sure of it, end of story…

CBC is all vampires
Through and through


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