…the tide is high, my self esteem is low…

There is a boy
at the back of this bus
with a girl
perhaps his first girlfriend.

I say this based on how old they look and the conversations I have been listening into for the past 4 and a half minutes since I boarded said bus.
They talk the normal talk about homework, share gossip on eachothers friends and discuss summer employment.
He is soft spoken and nervous, he stares impatiently at her left hand as he fidgets his right, in hopes of her taking charge and making the first move to hold hands… In which she does.
She holds the bulk of the conversation, prying at him for some sort of mental stimulation but he will not respond with much more than a giggle.She tells him her plans of moving out this summer and how exciting it will be and he replies with nothing more then a couple of nods and a trail made with his index finger across the palm of her hand.
At this point it is obvious that I am listening and him and I are having a staring contest lasting no longer then 3 seconds at a time before one of us pulls away, usually to look at her for reasons I don’t think either of us no because he really isn’t that into her

she is smart.
she is funny.
she is cute.
and she is wearing a yellow cardigan…


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