I am starting to realize that society as a whole is pretty dumb. As one human being in a world of 6 billion plus I am in no way smarter then the man at the urinal next to me, and why he chose to stand next to me when there for 3 others free, I will never know. In the same way that I will never know who that man is or what that man does. Based on his looks I would guess he has a decent job, making decent money, there is no ring on his finger, so he may be cheating on his partner or he may not have a partner. However, he looks like he should.
Maybe this man is a rocket scientist, maybe he bought his suit at a thrift store, and he infact works as a salesman, making 8 dollars an hour plus commision. Say he does, or he doesn’t, it really doesn’t matter. What matters about this man is that if I told him I saw on the noon hour news today, Vancouver is expecting a tsunami to hit this evening, he might just believe me. I say this because, really he has no reason not to believe me, unless he 1) watched the news at noon and heard no story such as the one I just told him 2) works as a weather man 3) just happens to study weather patterns as a hobby. All three scenerios are likely, but I cannot see them being the truth. The truth is the man would likely believe me, again he has no reason to believe , but every reason not to believe me.
We do live in a city on the ocean, today the weather is less than desirabe and the wind is strong enough that it has probably knocked trees over already.
If said man chooses to believe me, he may go do some research only to find out some man taking a leak next to him, earlier today is in fact completely insane, but he did put his trust in me when I told him that, and that is a lot of trust.
At this stage in my life, I would consider myself to be well traveled. With that said I have hardly left the continent I was born on.
When I ( or any other person on this planet that has travelled) am in a city I’ve never been to and I need to find something or get directions somewhere, I will not hesitate to ask the first person I see, and more often than not, that person will direct me to where I am going. Again, this is putting a lot of trust in someone I have never met and will likely never see again. For all I know, this person could send me to a crack house in a bad area or into an area that is segrigated to a certain nationality and I could be putting my life in danger. Of course these thoughts never cross my mind when in these situations, I just trust that what I am being told is what I am asking for. I have no reason not to trust this person, they have never given me reason not to, but I don’t know that person so I have every reason to be afraid.

I suppose I can ask myself why a stranger on the street trusts me, and I don’t think I can answer that. I can likely give a better answer to why that person wouldn’t trust me, but all those reasons are based on my appearance and nothing more.
If I was for a country outside of North America and I found myself on a not so busy side street downtown Vancouver, I wouldn’t be the first person I would ask for directions. My reasons being, 1) I have long hair that usually hides my face or is hidden within the depths of a hooded sweater 2) I have piercings in my face and that to a lot of people is frightening 3) I have tattoo’s on my arms and they are often left visible, this to a lot seems to be a stereotype for a thug/gangster/criminal however none of those reasons are why I have them but in having them I hear this often enough. I suppose what I am getting at is I do not friendly, but I guess that is my own insecurities because people do infact ask me for directions etc all the time, and I am never unfriendly nor do I send people places where there don’t want to go, infact if I don’t know where they need to go (which is a very uncommon for me) I am honest and I tell them I am unsure.
That really is a lot of trust though, so why is there war? To me it seems as though war exists because one country does not trust another, yet we will and do trust individuals from any country and do not start street fights etc…

Maybe the world isn’t as shallow as I thought…
I still don’t get why there can’t be peace on earth… We trust eachother and that is clear..

To me atleast…


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  1. See, this is a prime example of why I’m sort of addicted to your blog. You have very real and deep thoughts. I have wondered about that sort of thing too except I think it all boils down to greed. It’s one of the basic human emotions that everyone has, in some degree or another. Someone will always want what another person has. Someone always wants to take what they have and make it more than it is. I know I’m only young but I doubt that I will live long enough to see peace on Earth, world wide. It’s a horrible reality but if we haven’t been able to do it for the passed few thousand years, how are we going to suddenly make it all click? The Persians started their quest for dominance because of greed, the Romans, then further down the track the Japanese and the German and the Russian. But trust me, I’d LOVE to be proven wrong.

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