…”It feels as though it was yesterday that my life seemed to change…my fears… they ran away..the walls I built.. they started to crumble…my thoughts, my thoughts made sense and the world as a whole, it was a great place… It was great, because everything I had ever dreamed was about to come true and suddenly I had no cares, not a damn thing to worry about… and that was the problem” she said.

((with both hands in his lap and content in his eyes)) he replies with an approving nod to carry on…

she continues…”I’ve always been told, that when something seems to good to be true, it is infact too good to be true…wrong… sure, the telemarketers that coincedentley call as you sit down to dinner, from an office in a different time zone, just to inform you, you have won a trip for 2 on a luxury cruiseship in some tropical part of the world, is too good to be true, but when something is right infront of me and seems to good to be true I can’t help but to believe it. I want to know more. I want someone to understand me.I want somebody to want me, more importantly, I want you”.

…with a grin on his face, he mutters three words…


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