…where the grass is green and the girls are pretty…

I read in the paper yesterday, that Russell Brand has come out and said heroin can save the music industry from creating popstar monsters such as Justin Beiber…

Now, this may be the most absurd thing to some people, but to me it makes sense.. I have never done heroin, nor do I care to and really, I am not an advocat of it. Somehow Russell Brand’s statement just fits. Look at Aaron Carter and his meth addiction, that got him no where. Lindsay Lohan and her cocaine and perscription pills only landed her in rehab with 0 platinum records, infact I would be suprised if she went gold.

Now look at the life of heroin in the music industry. Kurt Cobain(and Nirvana) is likely the first thing that comes to anyones mind, but look at Rancid, Hole, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Stone Temple Pilots etc… The main writers for all those bands were and may still be junkies, now those are not the only bands/ artists but they are the obvious choices and the first ones that come to my mind.. But they have all sold millions of albums all around the world and can and do still tour.. Look at the longevity of ones own mysery. However, anyone who decides the should stick a needle in their arm should be smacked.. But Mr.Brand has a point.. Think about it…

Maybe Courtney Love and Nikki Sixx should take turns babysitting Justin Beiber.
Maybe Justin Beiber should just be a junkie…


3 thoughts on “…where the grass is green and the girls are pretty…

  1. Such a valid argument. I agree with your words. Russel Brand does have a point here. But, I feel like I need to add, Just say NO to drugs kids.

  2. Russell Brand says some really weird shit. One of the reasons why I love him so. But in this instance, I think I’m just confused….

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