stupid sun, stupid rain

When you are Chad Kroeger, why is it that you likely get whatever you want whenever you want it. I cannot just rag on him though because there many people in the same position as him. I did however have a conversation about him today and that is where the thought came from. Seriously though, I understand sponsorships and endorsements and everything that goes with that. I also understand how hard it is to make it to those positions but when you make it you have more money than you can shake a stick at and still expected to be handed everything. I get that most people who have gone that far and done that well probably struggled for the better part of their life and this makes sense to me because I am there..

But why must people forget where they came from…

With that said watching Ellen drink vitamin water zero doesn’t make me want to run to the store and get some, nor do I think of Ellen when I do see it in the store.



2 thoughts on “stupid sun, stupid rain

  1. Speaking of Chad Kroeger….why is it with everything he has and has been given did he feel it necessary to drive his shiny sports car at like 160 km/h while drunk on the highway? Or did he feel entitled to drive that fast because he’s “famous”….perhaps I pondered this too much, but alas this entry def made me think of that haha.

    • Because he thinks he is god? I don’t know, I have witnessed first hand his drunken antics and and violent out breaks on a few occasions and who knows what goes on in that mans head… We all choose our own fate…

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