I’ve never wanted anything more than at this moment.. It hurts inside and frustrates me but I am oddly enough ok with this, I think..
As a human being I will always want more than what I have but I will do anything it takes to get what I want… And this is where I am stuck.. For the first time in a long time I actually have no idea what to do. Generally speaking, I can find reasons in anything and everything but not today.. Not as I watch the once blue sky slowly fade to grey..


With that said, the chain on my bike broke today and I was left in a bird sanctuary by the Sam Bradley Band. The funny thing is that I did not see one single bird, infact there wasn’t even a squirell. There was plenty of signs saying no bikes aloud but not one damn bird.. I went hunting for mushrooms there one fall, I don’t remember ever finding anything, but I don’t remember being my first problem.

Oh yeah my sunglass’s that I bought at Dustee’s in Lubbock Texas broke today..fuuucking so annoying, today is not my day..

I should take a nap.


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