…one more pill to kill the pain…

Everyday of my life I am criticized. Everyday someone tells me shit I don’t care to hear and somebody always seems to want something from me for their own greater benefit with out giving a fuck how I actually feel.. And that’s fine, just don’t expect much from me 🙂
People also feel the need to tell me they are jealous of me, ALL THE TIME.. Why? Why? Why, the fuck do people do this? Is it supposed to make me feel better about myself or is it supposed to be some kind of flattery? Cause it does not have either of those effects..it actually brings me down and I don’t even know how to respond to people when they say this to me.. I don’t want people to be jealous of me.. Be envious if you must, but more so, BE INSPIRED!
I have not just been handed everything I have been fortunate enough to do.. Infact I have sacrificed so much for everything I have done. I am a pretty open person however there is a lot people don’t know and it seems unfair to just expect something from me.. No?
I don’t want to seem selfish or greedy, but fuuuuuck me..
I am one man,
I have one mission.
And a million dreams I work hard to achieve.


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