…in 1947, 14,000 people worked at the dry dock…

I have been a lot of places and seen a lot of faces but nothing is anything like home. I don’t know that I am in love with this place right now but I feel comfortable here and I guess that’s what counts. Realistically though I have found comfort sleeping on the floor, under a bench in a 15 passenger van with 6 other people, on a drive from New York City to Washington DC and that was pretty uncomfortable.
I have also found comfort sharing a twin bed with 2 other grown men, all of whom had not showered in the 4 days it took us to drive from Vancouver to Flordia, and when we took a detour through texas our air condition broke, but who the fuck goes through texas on a drive from the northwest to the southeast?!?! Apparently we do….
It has been a long time since I have sat at the corner of 15th and Lonsdale… 2 and a half years infact! This is somewhere is I used to spent a lot of time, doing this very thing.. Writing..
In those 2 and a half years I have strolled Hollywood Boulevard and the Fishermans warf in San Fransisco more times then I have crossed the intersection at 15th and Lonsdale… And this is actually really weird to me and it is weird because those are things, if 5 years ago someone told me I would be doing, I would not have believed them.I would have told them I would still be sitting here, doing the same two things, dreaming and writing. I would have suggested they were crazy and left it at that. The strangest part of it all is that nothing has changed. The bank still calls the northwest corner home, the same pharmacy resides on the northeast corner,the quaint little newspaper/magazine/book store firmly planted to the concrete on the southeast side is standing stronger than ever and this coffee shop… This coffee shop still has the same staff, the tables still in the same spot with the same brown faux leather seat covers, firmly attached to the same 3 and a half foot high stools that perch you in the right position with enough clearing to see over the cars and into the mountains… They even have the same mass produced and cheesy coffee shop art, containing a womens face smelling a perfected piece of latte art..
The only thing here that has changed is me.. Anywhere else I am the only the that doesn’t change, I would assume that is so, because that world doesn’t know me and I don’t know it. With that said, no one on the corner of 15th and Lonsdale knows me either and I don’t know anyone of them..
I like this..
I like 15th and Lonsdale…


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