…sorry ladies and gentlemen the situation is worse than we thought…fml.

Tour from hell 2010 is over.. I would like to thank United Airlines for being total fuck ups and I would also like to thank myself for leaving a stash of roaches for this very moment and to all my wonderful friends who have helped save my ass the last couple days…I believe I am forever in debt to you all ❤

I made it home and I am kinda happy to have been greeted by a few drops of rain and now it shall sing me a lullabye to sleep…

Missed an airplane for the first time… ((Check))
Had an amazing time ((Check))
Learned a few lessons((Check))
Snuck into Stone Temple Pilots((Check))
Drove halfway across the USA((Check))
Rocked the fuck out of texas ((Check))

…And I did it all with out buying new shoes…



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