7-11 coffee is terrible…

So here I go again with an another attempt to keep a regular blog, something I have tried to keep up with over the years but my life has been moving so fast, I often forget I have this wonderful thing!

The time is 11:41 am on Monday March 15th, I find myself drinking awful coffee in a city where coffee became an international franchise and perhaps one of the biggest companies in the service industry. Seattle.
I am sitting on a bench off of two main streets, less than 200 yards from the Space Needle. There is not a soul in site and the only sounds I can hear are industral. There is not one distingtive sound, not a bird chirping, not a car honking and no children playing, just the hum of a city that appears to be sleeping. I find this to be quite strange as I can see a world moving in front of me. Maybe I am deaf?
I wonder if kurt cobain has crossed this intersection.
In 4 hours from now I will be sitting on an American Airlines Boeing 747 on the run way of Seatac International waiting to take off, only to find myself landing in Austin Texas at somepoint before the day is done. I have never spent a lot of time in Austin, infact I have only been there twice, this also is strange seeing as I have spent countless months in Texas in previous years. Either way I am beside myself and very hopeful for what the next week has to offer (aside from a never ending hangover).
Tonight I will meet up with Billy, Brian, Maude, Adam and Joe, together they are known as Divide the Day, or half of my “socal crew” the other half being the wonderful girlfriends a few of these gentlemen have, and they will be joining us in San Antonio on Wednesday where we will be doing a show with Drowning Pool at one of my favourite rock bars in America, the ScoutBar.. This particular venue has always been good to me, but it doesn’t hold up to the ScoutBar in Houston or the Machine Shop in Flint Michigan. However, I have toured with Drowning Pool in the past so I look forward to the events following said show.
We then head back into Austin and gear up for a slew of wicked shows for South by Southwest. This will be my first ever SXSW experience and hopefully not my last.

I am going to sign off for now as a friend has just arrived to pick me up, but I will update again soon!



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