boston is ever better at night!

Today we start to get busy…

We have had a couple of days off with the exception of a show in Boston a 2 nights ago, and we spent our days off at Hugo’s parents house just out side of Boston, in a town called Hudson. His parents are beautiful people and were so welcoming to the 8 of us. None of us really did anything other than laundry and eat amazing food that Hugo’s mom kept cooking up. The first day we went into Worcester and hung out at a tattoo shop that Joe’s buddy owns, and then that night I ended up with the bus to myself as the guys had a radio interview for a syndicated show called Rockline. I finally got to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno which I thought was pretty decent considering I have never really heard good reviews from friends about it, and I also watched Be Kind,Rewind or what ever it is called with Jack Black. This movie however I was not really a fan of, although I spent more time on my phone than I did watching it, so I will give it another chance one day.
The next day we had a show in Boston, not much to say about that day.. It was hot as hell, load in sucked, it was a downstairs club and the stairs were super steep with a stupid low ceiling. I did however, get an amazing pair of new shoes. They are The Bronx model by Osiris, green and black 🙂

Yesterday was a super chilled day that included a lot of pot, a 3 hour jaunt through the mall, some amazing Portugese tapioca pudding and a movie night on the bus.. Erik and I watched Born to Lie I think it’s called, and then Airplane which is such a classic movie, Foo Fighters live dvd, Live! Tonight! Sold Out! the Nirvana dvd, and ended the night with The Making of Pump by Areosmith, which is by far the best band documentry ever made and I suggest everyone watch it weather you like Areosmith or not. My night finished with me passing out at the table near the end of the movie..

Other then that nothing else is new.. We are in Poughkeepsie New York tonight.. I am very excited to watch Aranada again tonight.. They own every night.. If you have yet to listen to them I suggest you do… And come check them out opening for Tantric all across America for the next few months…

Be well,



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