Baltimore, I am out

* the last post I posted was from a few days ago but I didn’t post it right the first time*

So, bonjour my amigos. I am very glad today is over… It was a late night last night, and a very early morning today… We had a good show last night Poughkeepsie, New York mind you the crowd wasn’t what it could have been but these things happen.. We didn’t roll out until 2 am ish, and then it took half hour to back the bus out of where we were parked… And to top it all off I came down with a bit of a stomache flu mid day yesterday and as we got on to the interstate, nature called..and because somethings are not aloud in the bathroom on a bus I had to hope we made a gas stop.. So needless to say, I tossed and turned in my bunk for a while, sat up front with Harry our driver, and proceded to fall asleep for 20 minutes on the couch before Harry found a gas station we could fit into and then all was good, and it was not long afer that I was sound asleep in my bunk… Only to have to be awake 4 hours later.. But today was a good day to wake up early as I woke up in front of the Paul Reed Smith guitar factory, where we got to hang out in the show room and play all the different guitars.. We then took an hour and a half tour through the factory and see all the steps involved in making a PRS guitar, from wood selection to how their pickups are wound and to the final stage before they are sent for inspection and then sold… So in short, the morning was great.. Despite being tired the day progressed nicely until sound check time when anything and everything that could go wrong, went wrong.. But as always we dealt with everything and carried on… So when our set time came around I was beat, 3 red bulls, a coffee and a Nitrious Oxide energy drink couldn’t even keep me up, and generally a good cup of coffee alone will do the trick but not today… For the life of me I could not keep focus and I kept fucking up left right and center… I some how managed to even turn off the keyboard for “Mourning” when all Hugo wanted was for the keyboard to be brought up in his in ears.. :s
We finished the set, packed up as quickly as humanly possible and then we were told we could load out until after 2, and we were told not to go out side by the Baltimore Police because they were letting out a black’s club at capacity of 1500 people and they didn’t want them to start shit because we “are in a band, and look so different”… Fuck that, but for our own safety we didn’t leave… Finally enough was enough, I wanted to shower and my shit was on the bus, so I ran out trouble free, got my shit and ended up watching everyone out the bus windows.. The cops block off this street, have about 10 officers, 20 club security and some sheriffs.. And they had 2 officers on horses patroling.. So ended up being entertaining at best.. I later found out the cops eventually walk through the crowds and mist pepper spray around the people, and bam they leave…
It was something else I must say..

So here I sit in the back lounge.. Using an apple as a smoking device and watching dumb and dumber.. And fuck do I ever love this movie.. I forgot how great it is… I think I am going to go get some cereal and get comfy…

Keep it real homies..



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