…goodbye new york, hello connecticut…

Hello world,

So I have been in the lovely state of New York for a couple of days now and I forgot how nice it is around here. I have never spent much time in the North East so
one forgets these things.

The first couple of shows have been great. Yesterday we played a radio festival in Altamont. I got to see almost every band play as the stages were side by side which was really nice as I usually don’t get to see most bands when we do festivals.. I got to see Mudvayne for the first time ever and they were everything I had hoped for, the singer even came out in a monkey suit and fake blood all over his face.. Random but great none the less.. The other highlight was Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde just blows me away.. I wish I was still super into heavy metal as the whole daywould have been that much better but it is great to see bands you have always wanted to see.

I wonder if Jimi Hendrix knew he was creating a music phenomanom because it almost seems like he had a blueprint for everything he did as it all happened so smoothly.. Or perhaps it was just luck..
We are watching the band of gypsys dvd, if you have never seen it I highly reccomend it..

We are nearing Hartford Connecticut, so this must be my exit for now as I need to get my shit together..



Ps: I love this application 🙂


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