god blessed the broken road…

so, i am still in springfield, i will be leaving tomorrow with hopes of making it to toronto ontario by sunrise wednesday.. i do not know how if it will happen that way right now, but that is the plans and i am trying to stick to them…

Jet Black Stare heads back out on the road on the 17th, starting in detroit for a Rock Against Rape benefit show.. i have no idea who else is playing, but it is for an amazing cause, so i am 100% for it.. we will then do two more shows in the mid west, one being in Chesterfield MI and the other in Quincy IL.. we will then drive to Flordia and join forces with Candlebox and Royal Bliss, for some east coast and souther US dates.. and fuck am i looking forward to it..

we will also be playing in Nashville on May 3rd ( which is Sheri B’s birthday) with Vancouver boys, the Veer Union.. we are playing at the exit in, which is an amazing venue besides the silly load in and out.. it kinda sucks there.. getting from the back door to the stage is annoying.. there is a skinny ass hallway with like 5 stairs and we can hardly get the 8×10 bass cab through it.. but as always i will make the best of a bad situation.. like i said, once you get past that part the rest is all good.

aside from  that not much else is new…


just thought i would give a little update.


peace, love and jelly beans.




3 thoughts on “

  1. Hm – Sheri B on May 3rd? Sam B on May 2nd! Your Mad_Mama on May 9th! It’s BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Celebrate!

    Rock Against Rape? Yeah, seems like a noble cause. That is, unless TS needs a good raping. And not in that toolish, “prison sex” sort of way. Just kidding – trying to lighten your mood!

    Be careful traveling. Call me.

    XOXO \m/

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