April 8th 2009,

I have neglected my blog for some time now, and it is actually upsetting. Everyday I say to myself I will updae today and I never use the little time I have to do it. In all honesty blogging from a blackberry is very tedious and my poor little fingers get sore in no time at all.

Currently I am riding a train from Milwaukee to Chicago, where I will spend the rest of today and part of tomorrow doing tourist things, and anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for silly tourist activities. this time around I hope to eat a slice of true chicago deep dish pizza, I would like to see the Oprah building ( just to take a picture for my mom and my grandmother), the Buckingham fountain, I believe that is the one in the intro to the show “married with children” I would also like to visit an art museum, see the Picaso statue ( or so I am told there is one somewhere) see the canals I always see on TV and maybe go up the sears tower… And if I can find time, maybe I will hope on a sight seeing bus and cruise around the city…

We finished up the west coast candlebox dates on Saurday the 4th, and I must say I miss all the bands already.. The 2 and a half weeks we just did have probably been the best 2 and a half weeks (on a personal level) on the road to date.. Some days were more frustrating than others.. Some days were very emotional, but as always I make the best of the worst situations..

Vegas as always was a riot, I ended up pulling an all nighter at the casino bar.. Sheri B managed to hang in there for most of the night before retiring at 4:30 or so.. Eric and Ty from the the Royal Bliss camp ended up showing their face’s around 5 or so, and who knows where they came from but they came through and then we ended up meeting some fans who were very persistant on buying us some drinks.. And that is basically where my memory of vegas ends.. I got into the van at 7 am as I was instructed to do the day before when we arrived in Vegas. It was not long after my head hit pillow that I passed out, to wake in Riverside California for a quick subway stop and back to sleep it was for me… We finally arrived in San Diego a couple of hours later and it was a real treat being there.. I cannot remember the name of the bar we played at but it was right on the boardwalk with a full ocean view from the stage… I was pretty much a write off at the point of arrival in San Diego so I started the day off with a few cocktails toi whip my ass back into shape, only to carry on for the better part of the day with a drink in hand at all times. Dinner time came and Sheri B and I went to the roof top restraunt of the venue we were at to eat, and we actually watched as the sun set and dissapeared at the horizon, it was an amazing thing to watch.. Everyone on the patio ended up aplauding as it dissapeared from our eye sight..
Now the next few days I have very little memory of right now, I know we were in Phoenix and Tuscon but it all just went by so quickly, and with a lot of beer.. I got to see some friends in Phoenix which was really nice… We ended up at some after party at a bar somewhere, and they were serving us 2 dollar drinks until 3am, and I have no clue how we got back to the hotel. But we made it
Following the Arizona shows we spent 4 days in Hollywood. Sheri B and myself ended up walking one night from Beverly Hills to East Hollywood where we eventually met up with some of the RB guys and went for some shots and beers and still made it to CVS before they stopped selling alcohol… So we picked some vodka and beers and a slurpee at sev and headed back to the RB motor home and carried on with the evening…

Needless to say I woke up on their motorhome hungover and with a blister the size of texas on the bottom of my foot that left me more or less useless until yesterday..

The show in LA at the roxy was a handful, but fuck was it ever cool to be inside the roxy… For anyone who doesn’t know, the Roxy is a legendary rock bar in LA.. Some of the best bands of all time have gone through there and or got noticed there.. Guns and Roses signed their record deal there on May 2nd 1986 to Geffen… That was like 2 months after I was born… It was over all just a trip to be there… I was in so much awe, that everytime I took a piss I went to a different toilet and thought to myself, man I bet you axl rose or slash or nikki sixx or eddie van halen etc have pissed here., man this is cool…. Hahaha yeah I am that much of a dork, I get excited over stupid shit like that…
So the next show was in santa ana and I had the most random thing happen to me.. Jeff Chiz and myself were packing up after the set and these two 40+ year old women came out and started talking to us lilke they had known us forever, so we ended up smoking a joint with them and had a beer yadda yadda, and we find out that one if them is married to the monitor guy at the venue and that was why they were backstage… So whatevs thats fine, they are just friendly, and not trying to get backstage.. So the night goes on we pass eachother a few times, made small chat here and there and as we were getting ready to drive back into LA the non married one ( who was soooo messed up) comes up to me and says, ” you are really cute, you have put a smile on my face and I would like really like to come party with you guys in Hollywood” not know what to say my reply was ” thank you, I am flattered, but I am tired and will probably just go to my hotel and get some sleep” so she grabs my hand as if she were going to shake it and I feel something being placed in my palm, so I am think cool, she scored me a bud for the drive home… Well to my suprise it was no but, as I walked away I opened my hand to find a HUGE chunk of METH… So I start laughing not actually believeing what I am seeing and I go find sheri b, tell her the story and show her the meth.. She no has me hysterically laughing, the two of us are basically on the floor crying because we are laughing so hard, so we go find jeff, again I tell him the story and show him what was in my hand and he flips out and was like get rid of that shit right now blah blah blah.. So I turfed it into a bush and all of a sudden I hear jeff and sheri b laughing and all jeff said was ” did that actually just happen ?”
Yes Jeff Chiz, that just happened…

Haha welcome to my life, as random as it comes..

My train is just getting into Chi Town, I am going to make a point of writing more often… It is good for the soul…

I have loads of pictures that I cannot wait to share….

Sorry it has taken so long to post..

Be well.



3 thoughts on “

  1. Good job from your crackberry! You need littler fingers! Great stuff, hon – keep it up! Fill me in on your site-seeing! I hope you get to go everywhere you want to. Keep the booze to a minimum and you just might make it around town!

    PS – I’d probably think the same thing in the Roxy’s toilets! Wow… my butt is where… uh, some skanky chick who f*cked Nikki Sixx sat? Okay, that’s why they make toilet seat doilies!

  2. HAHA that’s great bro, I would do the SAME EXACT thing at the Roxy! Let me know how that deep dish works out in Chicago! Take care Dos Zapatos!

  3. Guns and Roses signed their record deal there on May 2nd 1986 to Geffen

    Dood they signed on my first birthday!!! hehehe

    Good to know you are still out there kickin

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