I cannot even begin to explain how exhausted I am right now. We have officially been out with Candlebox for a week, and have yet to have a proper day off. We had yesterday off but we drove all day, and that can be the most exhausting part of touring sometimes, when you are in a van anyways. It is 1:30 am mountain time, we have just left Albuquerque New Mexico, and let me tell yah, what a trip this city is..I am from vancouver and homeless people have never scared me until now… They just wouldn’t leave me alone…
They also have these things called pueblos I think, and they are the smallest cutes little mexican houses you will ever see,,,
I’ve been really bloated latley and haven’t eaten much, and the guys went for sushi today, and I absolutely could not say no to sushi, so I had a spicy tuna roll, and damnit, it was probably the best spicy tuna I have ever eaten…. In NEW MEXICO of all places….
The show tonight went well, the crowd reaction was great, there were a lot of people singing the songs which is always nice to see especially when we play a city for the first time… One of the beaters on dano’s kick peddle came off during its over, so out I went wondering how the fuck I was going to re attach the damn thing whille he was in the middle of the song, and navigating your way around a drum kit that is being used isn’t easy… So after some fancy foot work I found my self belly down, ass up on stage in front of 800 people playin mr mechanic…
That wasn’t even the worst part.. Dan got this AMAZING new snare drum a couple weeks ago ( same one that he broke in seattle) and it is loud as fuck, and I love the sound of it, but while I was laying on the floor the snare was no more than 6 inches from my ear, and dan is a hard hitter, so the whole 30 seconds I was there I had this drum being beat right into my ear, so needless to say I am slightly deaf right now. I just pray my ear drum isn’t messed up..
But that’s just another day “in the office”….
Other than that the show was problem free… We got off stage and loaded out nice and fast and the beer went down even faster haha.

So, Denver Colorado … Denver, Denver, Denver.
Not enough can be said about how much fun I had in Denver.. So much fun that the Royal Bliss guys reminded me of a few things today that I forgot even happened.
The whole show was amazing… Royal Bliss were amazing, Neal ( happy melissa 😛 ) even made a little crack about me being canadian on stage, and used the infamous ” Aboot, and eh!” Words… I mean come on now, eh, yeah I will own up to saying that… But there is no way in hell that I say ABOOT… It is about… 100 percent ” uh-bout”. A boot Is what I wear on one of my feet.. Jeez…
Anyway, moving along with the night, we had a great set, some minor difficulties getting started but once we worked that out it was smooth sailing from there..
And Candlebox, wow! What a terrific set they played. Probably the best set of the tour so far… I was so blown away by Far Behind, they even jammed some Jimi Hendrix in the middle of the song….
Not enough can be said about this band.. It is a real honour and priviledge to be on this tour..
so to make a long story short… After we finally loaded out ( which was after CB got off stage as there was a noise bylaw or something silly) we went to eat dollar tacos at some bar that decided not to serve 30 people tacos, so I hade a piece of pizza bigger than my head, I drank lots of beer, we had a dance party at 2 am in the Royal Bliss motor home, which consisted of probably 15 guys and 4 girls who weren’t even at the show, the were just walking by and thought they would come party ( thank god, or else it would have been ever more bizzare if it were just all dudes having a dance party) and some how royal bliss gave me a new nickname… That being… Drum roll please… TINKERBELL,… Yeah WTF is up with that noise…. but I will roll with it for now.
Anyways I should get some sleep, we are in vegas tomorrow so there probably won’t be much sleeping going on for me..

Be well




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  1. Oh my LORD! I just laughed so hard about the dance party in the Mormon Mobile! And, it’s not even that big! Seriously? Rock stars do that stuff? Wow… I have to add this to my list: electronic device addiction, naps before shows and now – dance parties that are very heavy on the testosterone…! Count me IN!

    I’m sorry you’re so tired – but you’re a trooper and will rise to the challenge. Hope your eardrum’s okay… and love the visual of your fixing the drums while being whammed on. Aren’t you glad you have a BELT now??

    Maybe it will be NICE and WARM in Vegas, San Diego (woo hoo!!) and then Phoenix! You’ll be in shorts till you head north again!

    BTW – uh, yeah, you DO say aboot. Just when you get to talkin fast, but it’s so damn cute it’s just another thing to love about (abOWT) you!

    Gotta run – off to Olympia all day today for another Medicare/Social Security show. My gigs are NOT nearly as fun as yours, but no one will expect me to be belly-down-ass-up at least!

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