We drove from Denver to Albuquerque today, what was supposed to be a 6 hour ish drive some how managed to take us 10 hours, so I am exhausted, I am not going to write much tonight, I just thought I would say a quick hello. I have up loaded a bunch of pictures on Jeff Chiz’s computer but I dont know fuck all about macs so I will work on getting them up soon.

Sheri B. comes out friday, we are all very excited for her to be out here taking care of the merch for us… so if you are at a show after friday be sure to stop by the merch booth and say hi to her… . and don’t forget Alisha, who sells merch for Candlebox.. the two of them are wonderful, and could probably use some company.. perahaps a drink too.


Don’t forget the boys and myself will also be hanging out around the merch area after the set everynight. so come hang out…


i will update about Denver and Albuquerque tomorrow or the next day. We have a nice long drive to Vegas tomorrow after the set, so I will have loads of time to write..


be well.





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