It is currently 1:10 am mtn time, we are about 100 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah and have been in this van since 10:30 am driving what we thought was a 10 hour drive, max but alas the weather has taken a turn for the worse and here I am impatiently laying on the bed in the van, eagerly waiting to shower and brush my teeth. I have slept most of today, using this time to recover from last night, so I doubt that I will sleep much tonight.

For a good 6 hours at least we drove through some crazy blizzards which left Idaho COVERED in snow, but I think its finally starting to do die down, and now it is moderate amounts of rain… Only a few more days and we will be back to shorts (thank you to my american mother whom I have adopted as my own, as we can all use one in canada and the states, for my new shorts) and flip flops and all the sun a boy could ask for 🙂

We are now 3 shows in on the Candlebox, JBS, Royal Bliss tour, all three shows so far have been amazing. This tour has started out very well on all levels. Both the other bands are great and I cannot wait to get into this tour even more. The boys of Royal Bliss are a riot, my introduction to Neil, the RB singer went something like this:

Neil: ” hey bro, I’m Neil”
TS: ” hey man, I’m twoshoes, great to meet you, I think I am going to shot gun a beer, you in?”
Neil: ” we only have 16 ounce cans of PBR”
TS: ” that’s all we have too…”
Neil: ” ok done”

And so we both shot gunned a tall boy of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and BAM! A new friend was made..
Aside from the beer drinking, these guys are some of the nicest guys I could have asked to tour with, then again so is candlebox… It was like all three bands instantly became best friends, and because I think the way I do I am already sad for this tour to end, but in the mean time I will enjoy every second of it.

I haven’t been very active in taking photos the last couple of days as everything has more or less been chaos but I do have some I will share when I am not updating from my mobile!
Speaking of chaos, Friday night in seattle we were playing to a sold out crowd, everything was going great and in the first bar of Thunder Rolls, Dan breaks his snare head, the stage was so small and I could hardly see Dan from where I was standing so I didn’t even know his snare was busted until the end of the song when Sean looked at me and said Dan needs a snare, at this point I could feel my stomach drop to floor because I knew that I didn’t have a back up snare inside the venue( and we had talked about bringing it in just that afternoon).. So here I am standing on the stage in front of 700 people, panicing because I don’t know what do to, so I run down stairs where the green rooms and gear storage was and hope to find some one else’s snare drum, thankfully RB hadn’t packed up yet so I took theirs and got it out to Dan, just as they were about to start Fly, and the show went on..

Jeff and I are sharing MY blanket right now and he some how has managed to steal all but 6 inches of it from me… Dave does the same thing too.. These boys need to get their own damn blankets. I’m tellin yah! My toes are frozen as hell..

I will not type much more as my eyes are starting to get all wonky.

Dan had a new Kick head made with the JBS logo on it, and at the very bottom of the kick drum there are two shoes ( a pair of chucks) that he had added on in honour of me.. So if you are at a show be sure to take a close look if u are by the stage, if not I will add a picture or two for everyone to see..
I was very happy when he showed it to me.. Now it’s sort of like I am om stage everynight rocking out haha.

Keep checking the myspace page for updates on tour date etc, if we are in your town or city be sure to come out and say hi… We all love meeting new people 🙂





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  1. Your mom in the states loves you very much. She now wishes she’d gotten you a blanket too. Or, maybe blankets for the other boys so they wouldn’t steal MY kid’s blanket! Stay safe! I have pics of the new drum skin on myspace!!

  2. Wow. Cool. Nice blog! Say hey to Neil, Taylor and the Bliss boys for me – I speak pretty much for everyone in Idaho / Utah when I say we’re all thinkin’ of them, you, Candlebox and the tour in general. There’s a huge grass roots effort behind y’all. Stay warm and kick some a** for us!

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