…if you could be anyone in this whole world, who would you be…?

we had a great night in Idaho last night, like i mentioned we did a late set, so by the time midnight rolled around everyone was ready to party, and that they did..i absolutely love standing on stage and watching people sing back the lyrics, even the people who don’t know the words were screaming back as if they knew what they were saying… it is such a rush, even for me. I couldn’t begin to explain the feeling you get, I hope one day everyone can experience that, even just once.

So we didn’t end up rolling our of Coeur d’Alene until 3am after we stopped for gas and munchies etc, and it wasn’t long after that, that Dave and I snuggled up to keep warm and eventually fell asleep… haha. I slept the whole drive to the boarder crossing, and only woke up once to look out the window and see what had to have been 3 feet of snow on the ground and a bunch of guys freezing their asses off trying to “relieve” them selves, for a split second i thought it was a good idea until Dan opened the door and all i could feel was a gust of freezing air come rushing into the van, so there went my only chance to take a piss.. so back to sleep i went.
I met some really great people at The Grail last night, and i am very much looking forward to working with, and seeing all of them again, they were very professional, very relaxed and a gem to work with. so if anyone from The Grail happens to read this, thank you so much from all of us for your hospitality.

so the count down is on, we leave in 3 sleeps, and again, I am sooooo not prepared to go. Our tour manager/FOH (sound guy) guy flies into Vancouver on Tuesday morning, and let me tell yah, I am almost more excited to see him than i am to be going back on tour, and the best part is.. he is with us, which makes it that much better… so i will pick him up bright and early and he and I will rip over to Vancouver Island for the day so I can can go say goodbye to my wonderful grandparents and pick up my suitcase etc…my grandmother is knitting me some wool socks right now, so i am hoping I get them while i am there, never know when your feet will get cold 😀

its going on 3 am now so i best get some sleep as I have a long day tomorrow..

feel free to comment, ask questions, say hi..

oh yeah if you are on myspace send me a link to your page..

be well


ps: bonus points to anyone who knows where my title came from..


One thought on “…if you could be anyone in this whole world, who would you be…?

  1. I’m glad you’re happy. Sorry you won’t get to go to see the g rents off today… Glad you thought Cd’A was nice. I look forward to meeting Chiz & Sheri! …and no, I don’t know where you got your moniker?

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