So I just woke up on the floor of the van after a nice 2 hour nap… We are stopping in Moses Lake washington for lunch.. Good old subway never fails..

We played in Tacoma washington last night in a small rock bar called Hell’s Kitchen, no one really knew what to expect when we got there, but by the time the guys got on stage there was a decent crowd, a very drunk crowd but a good one.. We did a late set last night and an even later one tonight in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.. I think we are on at midnight which is a bit of a bummer because we won’t get out of here until 2 am at the earliest and then we drive back to Vancouver, thankfully we have built a really nice bed in the van haha.

I think I actually forgot how much I love being on the road. I meet so many different kinds of people and get to be somewhere new everyday…I think talking to new people everyday is the best thing anyone can do for them selves… It has been a long 4 months off.. Hopefully we will be out for all of or the better part of 2009…

I forget who I am when I am in vancouver…
I forget what I am capable of doing.
I forget how to function
Most of all…
I forget…

Life really is different out here
It seems normal oddly enough because it is not your typical lifestyle but it works for me right now..

I will write again later today..



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