this week is rapidly coming to an end, and i don’t know that i am ready for it to end. Don’t get me wrong, we leave for tour on wednesday and i am beside myself, but i have waaaaay to much to get done before we leave and no time at all to even catch some fresh air, i forgot how much i have to prepare myself to go on tour. physically and mentally it is a lot of work and i have bitten off more than i can chew at this point.. but thats how i learn

I went to the rehearsal room yesterday and hung out with the guys for an hour or so and listened to the brand new set, and i am so excited for everyone to see and hear what is coming to them, in my own eyes i believe that JET BLACK STARE are on to something big. I do not want to spoil the element of suprise so i will not talk about the show it self.. you will just have to come see for yourself.. and you will not be dissapointed i assure you…
if you are, i will personally make it up to you in one way or another hahaha

we leave tomorrow morning to head to the states for the weekend as a little tour warm up, all the way to idaho and back…so coure d’laine yall better be ready to party.
as far as the rest of the country. we are coming, i promise.
we are getting more and more dates added and they will all be posted soon so keep checkin.. and don’t forget,
call your local radio station and tell ’em you wanna hear “IN THIS LIFE by JET BLACK STARE”

it will help bring us closer to you.

i just thought i would say hi, and give everyone a little update..
i will post more soon



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