So I am back in the blogging world, I still have an active livejournal account but I have not used it in ages and I do not intend to switch it over to WP… I was strange when I was 15 on words, but I guess we all were…. And not much has changed, accept my love for writing and my desire to share my thoughts and word(s) (formation(s)) with the world… I don’t pay much attention to grammer when I am blogging, I use it when I feel the timing is right and when it makes sense to me… Just going to put that out there…

For anyone who come across this and doesn’t know me, I currently go by, I am a stage manager and drum tech for a band called Jet Black Stare, being on tour is my life right now (well has been, we have been home for almost 4 months now…).. I don’t think I would trade it for the world… Since June of 2008 I have been around the states more times than I can count and have been to almost every state, just missing a couple now…
I spend a lot of my free time ( hahaha) writing, taking photographs and sadly on my blackberry, so I am going to mesh everything together and give it to the world…..
I hope to get a weekly vlog up too, but I am not holding my breath right now…

It is march 8th, we start the candlebox tour in 11 days in Seattle.. On the first leg of the tour we will do 14 shows in 16 days(13 of those as support act for candlebox, and one headlining show just out side of our home town Vancouver,BC). In that time we will travel from vancouver as far south as tuscon, arizona, as far east denver, colorado and all the way up the california coast line ending in portland, orgeon on april 4th, and EVERYWHERE between those points… Its a lot of driving, considering our only 2days off I think we will end up driving 10 to 12 hours eachday…
But that’s half the fun of doing what I do…

So yeah, welcome to my world..
I hope to start adding photos and some of my writing in the next couple of days, as well as making this page a little more…. me, I guess…




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  1. Hi TS,
    I’m glad I found you as you begin your journey here. I have a friend who is a roadie, drives a big rig for bands. He just finished the US tour with Metallica and is anxious to get back on the road. He’s great about adding a picture several times a week so we all feel like we’re traveling through him. I hope you can do the same. Be sure to take your binoculars along, too, so you don’t miss anything. He found some great ones at Looking forward to sharing your journey!

  2. YAY! I actually STUMBLED across this! You shoulda told me! It’s all good and now, I will keep up with you in yet another way!!

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